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How to stop smoking? Sooner or later, almost every smoker gets to the point where he / she thinks about quitting. At some point, the negative aspects of smoking dominate and the desire to stop smoking increases. But how do you manage to get rid of addiction after 10, 20 or even more years of smoking? Many smokers already have failed quit attempts and are frustrated. With our advice, getting out of your cigarette addiction is open to anyone.

How can I make a decision to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking starts in your head. You must make a conscious decision to stop smoking. No one can make that decision. It is important that your personal will exists and that you do not try hard to quit smoking for the sake of your partner or children.

To consolidate a conscious decision to quit smoking, it helps to make a thorough analysis of motivation. What are the benefits of smoking for me and what is bothering me about smoking? What do I fear when I quit smoking and what are the positive aspects of quitting smoking? In particular, answering these two worst questions motivates you to start smoking without smoking:

  • What happens in the worst case if I continue to smoke?
  • What would be the worst if I stopped smoking?

At the end of the motivational analysis, it helps to identify the 3 most important reasons for quitting smoking and how to best enroll them. At Post-It in your home, car, computer or anywhere. These tips motivate and help you stay on the ball.

With your health benefits in smoking cessation, there is another good reason: Do you know how much money you can save if you quit smoking? With an average of 15 cigarettes a day, you could be honored with an extra vacation of the year!
You can calculate your personal savings here! (*)Stop Smoking: Get Smoke Free with These Sustainable Tips - Health for the Body and Soul | Health blog 2

How do I prepare to quit smoking?

After making a conscious decision and reason to quit smoking, it's time to prepare. Only 3 to 5% of smokers who have spontaneously quit smoking overnight manage to remain nonsmokers in the long run. Intensive preparation to quit smoking is therefore extremely important in order to successfully cope with quitting and permanently quit smoking. This preparation can be fought alone or with professional non-smoking courses. In addition to on-site non-smoking courses, there are also flexible and modern online programs and applications, such as:, up to 100% covered by health insurance companies.

To stop smoking, it is helpful to understand what is behind smoking. On the one hand, there is a nicotine addiction. It is a vicious circle in which one is stuck and one is the next cigarette. Smoking, on the other hand, is also a very strong habit.

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Important: Analyze your smoking behavior

To break the power of habit, one must consciously observe and analyze one's smoking. In what situations do I smoke? Have coffee, boredom, stress at work or with your kids as a reward for an evening or an evening for a glass of wine? It helps if you purposely keep a daily record of your smoking behavior. When did I smoke how many cigarettes, in what situation or mood? This simple exercise shows many smokers how much cigarettes are fully automated and taken out of the box without thinking. For many years or even decades, the brain has been learning to smoke cigarettes on every cup of coffee. In the brain, these two actions are so tightly connected to each other. But that was not always the case. At a time as a non-smoker, he drank coffee without smoking. Just like smoking as a smoker in certain situations, so trained, so you can get rid of smoking again.

Craving for a cigarette: Develop alternatives and strategies for distraction

If typical smoke situations are clear, then alternatives and diversionary strategies can be considered in the second step. Particularly at first it helps to do something different in typical smoke situations and distract the brain. There are many options to choose from, depending on the situation and the feasibility of your daily routine. Here are some ideas:

  • Drink a glass of water
  • Chewing gum / sucking candy
  • Take a walk
  • Make crossword puzzles / sudoku
  • Call a friend
  • Check out the non-smoking app
  • Reading a newspaper / book
  • Do something in the household
  • Take 3 deep breaths

How do I prepare for Smoking Day?

At some point, there is a downtime, which should be repaired from the beginning so that your typical "Aufschieberitis" does not expire. The night before, it makes sense once again to become aware of all the smoking deficiencies while smoking your last cigarette. After that, it is important to throw out all smoker items, including secret cigarettes. Otherwise, one thing happens again when cigarettes are readily available. Your first non-smoking day should be planned as best you can, so you don't have to deal with any surprises. The better the day is planned, the more relaxed and confident the day can be.

You should consider what specific typical smoke situations come to you and what you will do alternatively to distract. One should fill the day well and leave no time for boredom so that the thought of a cigarette cannot be paid for. In no case should you forget the reward for the first day without smoking. This should not be underestimated, as it will motivate you and help our brain learn faster that smoking is a new, good state.

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How to avoid relapses during smoking cessation?

After the first day without smoking, it's time to stay up to date. It helps to plan well the first days and pass. What situations are coming up and how do I distract? What are my strategies for craving for a cigarette? Most relapses occur in social circles, usually with alcohol or stress and anger. Therefore, it may make sense for the first time after you quit smoking to consciously drink less alcohol or not at all, so as not to jeopardize its goal of lasting smoking freedom. It can also help to hire a friend or partner as a kind of "keeper". To stay smoke free in the long run, it is also important to find a new way to deal with stress and anger. This can be, for example, talking to someone about it, going to the window and taking a deep breath, boxing in a pillow, playing sports and so on.

Detoxifying food supplement against the desire for cigarettes

Dietary supplements with green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, guarana, poppy seeds, bitter melon, royal jelly, spruce powder, ginger, sage leaves and the like are also recommended, which can help detoxify and alleviate the craving for a cigarette.

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Plan a detox detox drug

For the removal of accumulated poisons of smoking, proper detoxification in the form of rapid withdrawal or detoxification is also recommended.

Build a nasal mucosa

Because the nasal mucosa is damaged by smoking, it is important to start a "Nose Care Program". Saline solutions in the form of nasal sprays that can regenerate the nasal mucosa are suitable here.

Emser Nose Spray with Natural Emser Salt for Children and Adults - Allergy & Cold - 20 ml
Emser Nose Spray with Natural Emser Salt for Children and Adults – Allergy & Cold – 20 ml

  • Free breathing with salts Emser: Has decongestant, expectorant and accelerates healing – ideal for dry, blocked nose, cold and runny nose
  • Emser nasal spray can be used over a long period of time without addiction, so it is suitable for use with hay fever and allergies
  • No preservatives or chemical additives: saline cleanses and moisturizes the nose naturally
  • 100% natural foam salt contains more than 30 trace elements and minerals – thanks to its balanced composition, it is extremely compatible and does not burn
  • Delivery: 20 ml in a practical pump sprayer / suitable for adults and children

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Seek the support of professional non-smoking programs

Many smokers are frustrated because they have failed to quit. Non-smoking professional programs can optimally prepare and support smoking cessation. In the online course or application, smokers are prepared step by step for 10 days to stop smoking and monitor. The smoker is trained through daily motivational videos and exercises. After stopping smoking, the participant will receive another 3 months of support so that they will be able to smoke free for the long term.

Videos and fitness recipes complete the program so the fear of weight gain is no longer an excuse not to get rid of smoking issues. The course is followed by an experienced tobacco devil who was a smoker himself and is well aware of the difficulties. There is a live exchange between the participants and the course instructors in the community. Rupp instead. The NichtraucherHelden course is certified so that statutory health insurance companies cover costs up to 100%. Not a sign of weakness to help stop smoking. On the contrary! It shows the motivation and will to finally succeed.

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Tips from the literature on smoking cessation

Free Download: Detox Guide

For those who want to make their own detox medication, we've put together a great 23-page free guide. It has proven to be beneficial for many people, body and soul from time to time. There are different options, which we show you here!

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