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TePe: A toothbrush made from sugar cane

TePeGOOD available in three sizes; neat, compact and mini. The basis of the toothbrush are renewable raw materials. Bioplastics are made from sugar cane, castor oil bristles. Toothbrushes are made in Sweden with 100% green energy. The brushes are BPA free and the color is food safe. TePe started in green, and the bristles and handle of 95 percent carbon-neutral products are green. Three more colors will be launched in the fall. The arms are yellow, blue or pink. The portfolio also includes a tongue cleaner.

What makes biocosmetics special? The material does not swell and hardly gives the bacteria a breeding ground. In addition, the product line is sustainable. The CO2 generated during production, transport and disposal is offset by renewable sugar cane. Critics consider products from renewable raw materials, such as shopping bags or cane cutlery, cleared for cultivation and rainforest areas.

BioLactis is an oral probiotic used to support Cumdente's caries and periodontal prophylaxis. Three bacterial strains – Lactobacillus helveticus rosell-52, Lactobacillus rhamnosus rosell-11 and Bifidobacterium longum rosell-175 – ensure a healthy oral flora. The product is suitable for daily dental care and can restore the balance of healthy oral flora and strengthen natural defense mechanisms. In addition, BioLactis can protect against bad breath and reduce the development of plaque and gingivitis.