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These beauty Advent calendars are really valuable | 95.5 Charivari

Updated: 02/10/2019 – 15:49

Girls watch out: This year, they are attracting pharmacies, online mail order companies and major cosmetics companies with their Advent calendars. You will find out if calendars pay off here.


Photo by Glossybox, Amazon, dm

A slightly different Advent calendar

Whether it's Amazon, dm or Glossybox, almost every seller is offering an Advent calendar this year. However, they are not classic with chocolate but filled with appropriate (own) brand products. We've researched for you what the deals really pay off.

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Amazon Advent Beauty Calendar

Edited by Amazon

© Photo: Amazon

As the world's largest mail order company, Amazon of course offers its own advent beauty calendar. For example, fur masks, creams and an electronic face cleaning brush are included. The estimated value of the goods here is € 200, although the calendar is already available for less than € 50.

Calendar of Bale dm

Cut out Bale

© Photo: dm

The largest drug in Europe with the Balea calendar offers a clean advent calendar for care. You can find mostly creams, masks and hair care products here. With 15 euros, this calendar is one of the cheapest on the market.

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The Advent calendar from Glossybox

Greatly decorated

Photo: Great box

One of the biggest benefits you can do with the Glossybox Advent Calendar. Many different brands are included, usually included as normal sizes. Although the calendar costs € 120, but the real value of the goods is estimated at € 450.

Concluding Advent calendar – can be saved properly here

With an Advent calendar, every merchant can save money properly. If you can do without the surprise effect, you have the opportunity to research the exact content online and thus make the right deals.