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Use chestnut horses for health

Horse Chestnut is the American version of European chestnut. It blooms in late spring and produces white and orange flowers. Chestnut horses ripen to shiny brown nuts, bitter in taste. The health benefits of chestnuts come from ancient European medicine and the claim is that preserving chestnuts in a rucksack will cure arthritis. Since then Buckeye has acquired a legal standing in domestic remedies. A quick overview reveals several useful ways:

Use chestnut horses for health 2

Use chestnut for health

Remedy 1 – Stop arthritis

Try Hippocampus Tea for Anti-Inflammatory Effects on Your Health. All you have to do is chestnut bark and leave it in boiling water for 6 minutes.

Treatment 2 – Hemorrhoids

Chestnut horses make the veins strong and flexible, so we recommend drinking chestnut tea or you can get chestnut extract. Often sold as chestnut extract at health food stores. The hemorrhoids begin to shrink within a few hours.

Treatment 3 – reduction of varicose veins

Buckeye has the ability to improve blood flow through the veins. It inhibits an enzyme responsible for the degradation of vessel walls, making them enlarged and ineffective. Again, drink horse-chestnut tea or take chestnut extract.

Medium 4 – Reduce edema

Take the chestnut extract for swollen feet. Studies support the health benefits of hypocotans compared to placebo for the treatment of edema.

Remedy 5 – treatment of rashes and wounds

Make a chestnut ointment by crushing horse chestnuts with a kitchen hammer or wheel. Cover with water and boil. Leave the water away. Cover chestnuts with lard. Bring to a second boil. Allow the mixture to cool. Empty the affected areas. Healthier skin will appear in a day or two.