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Weight Loss: 5 Fruits Rich in Protein to Support Your Diet

We immediately associate proteins with meat, quark, or creamy shake – that is, with proteins that are supposed to nourish the muscles and make them lean. What many don't know: Some fruits also contain protein. Why this vegetable is not only interesting for vegetables and what kind of fruit it is – we have investigated all the facts.

Vegan and super healthy: Fruit rich in protein helps with weight loss

Who wants to lose weight is no longer around protein today: because while carbohydrates are shrinking, there may not be enough healthy protein on the plate. Not without reason, because proteins stimulate muscle growth and more muscle mass in turn increases energy and fat burning in the body. In addition, proteins are full for a long time and promote metabolism. Even for those who do not want to lose weight or lose weight, a high-protein diet is essential, after all, nutrients are needed to create enzymes, hormones and for various metabolic processes and are the basic building blocks of our skin, hair and nails. In addition to classic protein sources like meat, fish and eggs, and dairy products like cottage cheese, more and more people are now using vegetable protein from legumes, nuts or tofu. Even fruit belongs to this category – because sweet fruit contains surprisingly many nutrients. With additional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and low calories, they are the perfect supplement to a diet that keeps you lean and healthy.

Perfect for weight loss: These 5 fruit varieties contain a lot of protein

From healthy fats to valuable vitamins: avocados are the healthy superstar of the fruit department. Correct read, our green sweetheart belongs to the nettle family, even if it is often considered a vegetable. One way or another – green pulp contains a lot of protein and is at the top of the list of fruits rich in protein with two grams per 100 grams. Another reason to justify our addiction to avocado toast!

Guava is not found in every supermarket, but it is exotic and is a leader in vegetable protein. 2.6 grams per 100 grams stuck in the pulp. The sweet tropical fruit complements the healthy diet perfectly, also with regard to other ingredients. For example, guava is a vitamin C bomb (100 grams can cover almost three times a day's need) and contains iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Two apricots add about 100 grams, thus consuming 1.4 grams of protein. Otherwise, fruits are real weight loss products. The potassium content helps you to dry out, the apricots are also a little caloric, very digestible and promote digestion. Vitamins A, B, C and E are among the healthy nutrients of fruits.

Berries are small vitamin and mineral bombs and contain a large dose of health-promoting antioxidants. Although fats and fructose are low, the protein content is relatively high. At 100 grams of blackberries and raspberries is just over a gram. Just mix it with yogurt in the morning and your protein breakfast is ready.

The result of bananas is one gram of protein per 100 grams. And this is not the only reason for eating sweet fruits more often. Thanks to fiber, bananas fill you up quickly and help you eat less; Potassium and magnesium also protect the heart and kidneys.

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