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ZIRBELLE® new natural cosmetics with pine oil

"Of course ZIRBELLE® is beautiful." Products are available at

Turracherhöhe (OTS) The patented ZIRBELLE® brand relies on the soothing scents of "Queen of the Alps". The cosmetic line was developed by Mag. Christina Brandstätter together with a traditional Zirbenland pharmacy. The products therefore have the highest pharmacy quality.

Pine & Belle stone = ZIRBELLE®

"The name ZIRBELLE® is a combination of pine stone and belle (French), beautiful. The label is a trademark of Christine Brandstätter." Get the beauty and power of stone pine from nature. The stone pine tree grows slowly and is very resistant. efficient and very full body, ”says the proud inventor. “ZIRBELLE® products contain full pine trees and make the skin glowing. And all without makeup. "

First time face cosmetics with Swiss stone pine

“The ZIRBELLE® palette includes facial cosmetics, muscle fats, essential room fragrances and pine oils. For example, you might get the scent of a stone pine house as a bubble bath. "

Transparent production: handmade in a Styrian pharmacy

Mrs. mag. Brandstätter is also extremely proud of the sustainable production of a 100-year line of natural cosmetics. All cosmetic products are made exclusively for ZIRBELLE® at a longtime traditional Zirbenland pharmacy. "What product do you really know about the manufacturer?" Swiss pine oil is sustainably sourced and processed in a pharmacy laboratory to the highest quality ZIRBELLE®. All directly in Styria. However, ZIRBELLE® also collaborates with sustainable Swiss stone pine artists from Turracher Höhe.

Brand with value

The slogan, of course, is ZIRBELLE® beautiful – only laugh lines can remain. A line of Swiss stone pine faces gets a fresh Zirbenglow. Any makeup is then no longer needed. Every woman is beautiful, of course, especially when she is laughing. With ZIRBELLE®, the laugh lines can stay.

With Elixir Stone Pine, Moisturizing Mountain Spring or Golden Girl Anti-Aging Cream is suitable for every skin type. The tonic with pine and rose is very special, for example.

To order online:

ZIRBELLE® is available online at and is shipped directly to your home.

However, ZIRBELLE® is not just a natural cosmetic line, but a real-life concept. Lots of fresh Swiss stone pine, careful handling of itself, naturally aging, radiate from within.

You can find ZIRBELLE® at the Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt at the Turracher Hohe. New: ZIRBELLE® Spa in Wellness Area.

Inquiries and contact:

Mage. Christina Brandstätter