Andreas Bradenkamp's lectures at Sport-In on Thursday 24.10. 2

Andreas Bradenkamp's lectures at Sport-In on Thursday 24.10.

Andreas Bradenkamp's lectures at Sport-In on Thursday 24.10.

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Safe way to better health and better quality of life. Andreas Bredenkamp is a sports scientist, and with his book, "Successful Training," with about 500,000 books sold by the most widely read author on fitness training. Over 200,000 people listened to his lectures, over 1,000 fitness clubs care about his ideas and ideas. The lectures will cover the following topics:

Exercise and training
Why can't a postman ride a bike 5 hours 6x a week and not ride the Tour de France? Why doesn't a weight-lifting mason look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and fit and healthy? Don't waste your time. Cycling and weight lifting will not produce results if you lack important insights into training. Get these findings on our interview. We promise you more success in less time.

Diet and diet
Do you have a solution, why do some people always lose weight where they do not want it and others even lose less than 1,000 kcal? Do you know why every diet is an anti-fatigue training program? With some key insights, you save a lot of useless effort and denial and instead achieve your goal in the shortest and most direct way. Let's explain lively and fun where the bacon problem really lies and how you can solve it once and for all.

Tightened body
Do you know the "Winke-Ärmchen" phenomenon? Do you know why you get rid of stiff body parts, no diets, no massages, not surgery? Getting rid of fat is not enough for us, because after a diet, lean hands, lean legs, and stubby buttocks are not the desired goal. Our expert explains the cause and explains the path to a solid, solid body.

Stress and relaxation ability
Do you know why people can become completely gray from stress in a second and look like they are ten? Do you have any idea why resting sleep is becoming a real problem for more and more people? Want to know how to maintain your vitality in old age? If you want to sleep well, you need to look at the design of your day. Find out why body fat and relaxed skin are causally related to your sleep. You will see: If you solve the problem with its problematic areas, you are sleeping better.

On Thursday 24.10. Holds 2 lectures at 10:00 and 18:00. Classes are free for members, but there is only limited capacity! Non-members pay 10 €.

If you are interested you can go below 03381-25400 write to attendee list!

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  • Andreas Bradenkamp's lectures at Sport-In on Thursday 24.10. 4
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