Cooking chicken breasts that are moist and tender, not dry and tough 2

Cooking chicken breasts that are moist and tender, not dry and tough

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In this video, I join nutrition therapist Nicolet Miller and together we tackle the problem of "tunnel cooking." In other words, the tendency to focus so much on just a few dishes on standby or follow a specific diet plan that you find yourself eating, which makes the tunnel ever narrower.

It's no fun, your meals get boring, your food life starts to look bleak and before you know it, you're diverting from your healthy eating goals – maybe far from them!

So are you ready to put some fun and taste back into your meals? The place to start is by building a "library" of flavor-enhancing cooking bases that can be mixed and combined to make any dish with great flavors. In this 25 minute video, we share a few:

** Cooking chicken breasts so that they are a moist, tender base for low-fat protein meals
** Prepare quick pan sauce to add pizza to chicken breasts – or any other vegetables or starches on your plate
** Create a nutritionally balanced dish that is enjoyable to look at and will satisfy all your senses

Helpful Hint: Buy the ingredients and follow along with us! Although this fast-paced video has many grounds, it's "real time" so you can cook right away in your own kitchen and finish off a great meal in just 25 minutes. You just need a few things:

1 chicken breast
2 tsp grainy or Dijon mustard
1 cup chicken or vegetable broth (or 1 teaspoon L. Vegetable vegetable broth powder + 1 cup water)
1/2 pound of asparagus
8-10 cherry tomatoes
Starch of choice, for example, cooked brown basmati rice, microwave Yukon gold potatoes, Ryvita rye cookies and more.

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