DNA Creams: Müller, Wendel Double Interview - WORLD 2

DNA Creams: Müller, Wendel Double Interview – WORLD

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Douglas Chief Tina Müller and Thomas Wendel, Chief Medical Advisor

Source: Henning Ross for BALANCE SHEET

Douglas Chief Tina Müller and her Chief Medical Advisor, Thomas Wendel, discuss the genetic testing of cosmetics and the cost of individual cosmetic care, the high fashion cosmetics industry, in a double interview.

BALANCE: Personalized medicine, treatments tailored to the patient's DNA, are considered the future of healthcare. Is DNA based beauty tracking?

Thomas Wendel: Thanks to genetics, medicine has made great progress. This is mainly because DNA analyzes provide accurate personal information, such as the likelihood of getting a particular disease. Genetics also helps to modify and dose medication so that therapy becomes particularly effective. Areas of application have now expanded. First came the American Wave of Nutrition, a human-centered diet and now personalized skin and beauty care.

BALANCE: In the US and Australia, such products are already on the market.

Tina Müller: Let's go a step further with our offer. With DNA-4-You, we offer our customers a personalized concept of care consisting of a combination of day and night skin serum and personalized beauty accessory on the inside, all based on individual DNA skin analysis. Buyer or buyer.

Wendel: In previous offers, the buyer is classified into a "genetic group" based on his results. Lastly, information from many DNA tests is used for standardized offers. "DNA-4-You", on the other hand, is a product individually tailored to the gene profile and tailor made.

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DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), molecular model.

BALANCE: And should the effect actually be better than traditional products? We know what the promises of the cosmetic industry are …

Wendel: This combination of care inside and out is to some extent top-class cosmetics, making it the optimum care for every individual. Even the sunbathing filter in the daily meals is customized individually.

Müller: Each product is completely individual, so the customer cannot pre-test it as standard offers. Internally, we intensively tested the impact, including monitoring of respondents. And the answer was very convincing. I tried it myself. Just the feeling of applying a cream that is unique to this recipe and made for one person is something special.

BALANCE: But every customer has to do a DNA test.

Wendel: True, we only test for genetic characteristics associated with various aspects of skin aging. Therefore, we analyze only a fraction of 23,000 human genes.

Müller: The test test will soon be available at select Douglas stores, and can be ordered through our online store. Customers can easily do the test at home using saliva samples. We have put in place a process that places the highest demands on data protection.

BALANCE: Personalized medicine has one drawback: it is expensive. Is this also true for personalized cosmetics?

Wendel: First of all, every customer learns a lot more about themselves. Anyone with this DNA skin test receives a 100-page analysis report in which they learn a great deal about themselves and their skin.

Müller: In addition, the customer receives highly individualized cosmetics and also a personalized diet supplement, which is made just for him or her. In terms of price, cosmetics are on par with other luxury brands.

BALANCE: And what effect does the new product have on Douglas and his figures?

Müller: Of course we want to grow and make money with "DNA-4-You." First of all, we call the Douglas brand the most innovative premium beauty retailer. "DNA-4-Vi" is for us something of the top of the range.

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Interview with Tina Müller


Thomas Wendel (46) is one of the most famous representatives of the so-called lifestyle medicine, which cures civilization diseases and wealth through diet and movement medicine, and uses gene analyzes and hormone tests. Thomas Wendel studied medicine in Innsbruck and Vienna and later worked in the US, including Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, a private clinic specializing in breast cancer treatment (see BALANCE 7/14), starring also actress Angelina Jolie is being processed. Since the fall of 2018, Thomas Wendel has also been working as Chief Medical Advisor at the Douglas perfume chain.