Earrings insert - 2019 2

Earrings insert – 2019

Threaded earrings designed for pierced ears are different from all other types of earrings. They consist of a thin chain of length, often of silver, gold or other alloy. One end of the chain is smoothly attached to a metal pole, while the other end often has a decorative element, such as a heart-shaped pendant. Unlike other earrings, the threaded earrings are worn so that the thread is inserted through the hole in the ear lobe. the post hangs along with part of the chain behind the ear lobe, and the rest hangs in front of it.

Earrings insert - 2019 3

You must have pierced ears to wear earrings.

Step 1

Clean the yarn earrings before placing them in your ear. This prevents irritation or contamination. Wipe the pillars and chains of the earrings with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Let the earring dry.

Step 2

Grab an earring in his pen.

Step 3

Align the tip of the pen with the hole in the ear lobe where you want to push the earring. Hold the pillar so that it is perpendicular to your body. Remove the chain section of the earring at right angles to the stake.

Step 4

Gently pull the pole into the hole in your ear lobe. Stop pushing when the pole is in the middle of the pod. Move your hand to grasp the position from one position behind the pod, not in front of it. Note that in a second step, pull the pen back through your ear lobe instead of pushing it forward.

Step 5

Lift the chain section of the earring with the other hand so that it no longer hangs at a right angle to the pillar, but at the same level as the pillar.

Step 6

Grasp the part of the pillar that protrudes at the back of your lobe. Pull the pole completely through the hole. Hold the chain portion upwards so that it aligns with the pod lobe hole and slides easily. Grasp the pole and gently pull it so that about half of the chain section passes through the hole in the ear lobe.

Step 7

Release the seat. Make sure that the pole and half of the chain section of the earring are hinged behind the pod, and that the other half of the chain and the decorative element are hanging forward.

Step 8

Repeat this procedure for the second thread earring.