Flu Prevention and Treatment: This helps with the common cold 2

Flu Prevention and Treatment: This helps with the common cold

Rain, storm and cold replaced the gloomy summer days – we sniff, cough, breathe. It's Influenza Time – equilibreplus.com explains how you can prevent the disease and how to get rid of nasty viruses.

So bend over

Now eat lots of vegetables and fruits. On top of that, zinc, iron, manganese, and copper help prevent viruses, such as in nuts, meat, and dried fruits.

• Sport creates heat in the body and guarantees optimal oxygenation. Three workouts are perfect for 30 minutes a week.

• Stay away from large groups, wash your hands regularly, do not touch your face, especially after traveling by public transport.

If you go out into the fresh air everyday, your body can slowly get used to the cold temperatures.

• Tea with lime or ginger flowers stimulates the immune system.

• To avoid dry air indoors: ventilate several times a day.

Go to the sauna regularly (even in summer). It strengthens the immune system.

• Changing showers strengthens the body and circulation, boosts the immune system.

• Weekly homeopathic saline treatment can improve the body's water balance, preventing dehydration. Ask the homeopath!

• Make sure you sleep.

Symptoms of autumn flu

Flu infections vary from person to person. Usually, two days after the infection, the first signs appear.

First, most of the mucous membranes of the airways are affected. Ingestion and sore throat may be present.

• Infected mucous membranes, but increased secretion – nose flowing.

• There is dry cough, often cough, especially at night.

• Headaches and body aches occur, you feel tired and exhausted, tired and powerless, completely exhausted.

• Some people have a bark on the mouth, a white or slightly gray coating on the tongue.

• Often cold patients feel cold in the back and have cold feet.

Some people also have gastrointestinal infections, others complain of ear pain and dizziness.

• Fever can occur on the third or fourth day, occasionally with a cold – a sign that the body is fighting the virus.

This is how you fight the symptoms

General: At the first signs of a cold, you should stay warm and calm, preferably with a hot water bottle in bed or on the couch. If you absolutely need it, you can take up to two pills of analgesics a day. But no medication is needed.

Thyme tea strengthens the immune system, relieves cough. Simply pour over the dried herbs with boiling water, let it soak for eight to ten minutes. Attention: Due to its stimulating effect on the uterus, pregnant women should not consume thyme.

• For headache: drink plenty of water, especially non-carbonated water and lukewarm teas. Rub the pepper oil on the temple and neck.

• In case of fever: make a calf wrap and go to bed. Absolutely stay home!

• Eat chicken soup. Contains a lot of zinc, strengthens the "phagocytes" that kill viruses.

Expert Advice: Health Expert Hademar Bankhofer, Stephan Bernhardt, General Medicine Specialist, Dr. Med. Berndt Rieger, author and specialist in homeopathy ("Homeopathy.