More flu shots released than last year 2

More flu shots released than last year

Following occasional bottlenecks for the supply of flu vaccines last year, more doses of vaccine were delivered than in the entire previous season. According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen, southern Hesse, 16.5 million doses of flu vaccination have already been released. More flu vaccine series are likely to be added by the end of November. There were 15.7 million throughout the preseason. Information on distribution to the states could not be obtained by the Federal Institute, which is responsible for vaccines and biomedical drugs. Due to high demand, vaccines abroad had to be redone last year.

According to the Rhine-Palatinate State Bureau of Investigation, the flu always starts "fairly reliably" after the transition year. There is currently no known case in Rhineland-Pfalz, said agency spokesman Achim Ginkel in Koblenz. In the spring of 2019, 6800 cases were counted in Rhineland-Palatinate. "That's enough" – although in the record year 2018, the flu has affected nearly twice as many people (about 13,800).

Last year, no information was available on the Hesse Ministry of Social Affairs about the disease. As a rule, no selectivity is given between actual cases of influenza and influenza such as infections or colds. According to the Ministry, in the last flu season, 25 people died from the flu across the country. In the season before it was 72.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, in the case of the current vaccination against influenza vaccination, elderly, chronically ill, pregnant women and nursing staff should be vaccinated in a timely manner. The flu virus can be transmitted by tiny drops, such as sneezing.

According to the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, it will also be automatically vaccinated with a quadruple drug this year. Fourfold means that it works against four major types of influenza viruses. The triple vaccine, which was still common in the penultimate season, did not work against the most common types of virus then.