Nature in the Garden: 25 plates for gardeners who garden completely differently 2

Nature in the Garden: 25 plates for gardeners who garden completely differently

Miscellaneous hiding of wild flowers, hedges, vegetable beds, orchards and retreats – this was created by Annette Fünfsinn at her 4,000-square-foot estate in Levenstorf. And all after her relocation in 2016, she has now received the "Nature in the Garden" plaque for her green oasis. This award recognizes gardeners who focus on environmentally conscious activities and natural gardening. The seal also makes it known that the garden thrives without pesticides, fertilizers and peat, and again excels. The 63-year-old from Levenstorf even evaluates other criteria such as meadows or hotels against insects.

Six bee companies and two dogs

"The garden is a haven for humans and animals," said Annette Fünfsinn. He keeps six bee companions and two dogs in his garden. "I also integrated four chickens and a rooster into the garden," she said proudly holding her badge in her hands. He was fine with her, she explained. For example, let the Velcro stand where it settles and remove it before you start to glow. The plaque was now a confirmation that she appreciated her path to the gardeners, she was pleased.

582 gardens have been awarded nationwide so far. Also 21 schools and 17 kindergartens in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern carry a plaque. Landschaftspflegeverband Mecklenburger Endmoräne takes care of young gardeners. He also looks after the orchard in Klein Plasten, where Annette Fünfsinn and 24 other gardeners received the award. The 500th "Nature in the Garden" badge, which was accidentally given to Kulturgartenverein Schwerin, has already been passed.

A million project promotion

"The project works because it has the resources," said Christoph Linke, head of the Mecklenburg Lake Lake State Office of Agriculture and the Environment. A total of EUR 1.6 million was distributed over seven years. Most are spent on staff costs – there are six employees in the garden. "The rest will fund material costs such as brochures and school supplies," said Madlen Hagemann, an assistant at Natur im Garten. However, the Landschaftspflegeverband must raise its own share. VAT and ten percent of all costs were borne by himself, Hagemann explained. “That’s why we look forward to every donation,” she said.

A kindergarten was created at Papenberg

In order to continue the idea of ​​"almost natural gardening" in the future, Christoph Linke advocated for as many people as possible to touch this matter. In the Waldorf kindergarten "Nesthäkchen" on Warener Papenberg, this works quite well. There, with the help of her parents, the garden was created several years ago. "We plant fruits and vegetables there depending on the season," said Waldorf teacher Katrin Kleiszmantatis. Kids help with that. She accepted the award with her educator Monique Schwenn. "We've already hung the badge with us," Kleiszmantatis spat. In the meantime, a garden with an experience of nature has developed from the garden, which contains both a plant spiral and a sensory path.