So Blush Blushing - 2019 2

So Blush Blushing – 2019

When you experience stress, your nerve endings release a chemical defense of neuropeptide through the capillaries in your skin. When blood flows to the surface of your skin, you blush. The causes of redness are often psychological, such as when you experience feelings of embarrassment or social anxiety: Some external factors, however, can also cause redness, such as alcohol, eating spicy foods and sports. Combine preventive measures with proper make-up and you are on the road to being blush-free.

So Blush Blushing - 2019 3

Wearing white makes the blush cleaner.

Step 1

If possible, record the blush episodes in a journal. Everyone gets blushing in different places and knows that your hot spots make preventative asses more effective. Write the frame in which you have washed out and the areas of your face with the most red.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of green makeup where your face will blush more. The green concealer works against the red of your skin, leaving a neutral color that conceals blush. Look for a green concealer at any drugstore or makeup counter. Ask about the concealer section or explain that you want to reduce facial redness.

Step 3

Wait for the green concealer to dry before applying a top coat with nude makeup. Choose a liquid-matte base that will not coat and gently dip it onto the green concealer. The matte top mattress finish helps reduce the appearance of blush and brings your face back to normal shade.

Step 4

Shut off the flush before it starts. Avoid spicy foods, exercise in the heat, and drink alcohol, especially on an empty stomach. You do not need to eliminate all activities that cause redness, except where you want to avoid appearing red.