The pension provision for MPs is being redefined 2

The pension provision for MPs is being redefined

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – New attempt to regulate pensions for parliamentarians in Baden-Württemberg: Greens, CDUs and SPDs passed draft bill in state parliament on Wednesday, Baden-Wuerttemberg accession to the North Rhine-Westphalia pension system and Brandenburg anticipates December 1st . The regulation automatically applies to all members newly elected to the national parliament from 2021 onwards. Anyone who is already in the state parliament can decide by the end of April 2031 whether they want to use the regulation through the pension system.

There has been great debate over the pensions of MPs. Previously, MPs received a state pension plan (state pension). The reform, which came into force in 2011, has become obsolete. Instead, lawmakers who were new to the state legislature had to secure their age. Therefore, they raised the diet by a third. Deputies receive a monthly pension allowance – currently 1805 euros – with a diet of currently 8210 euros per month.

However, younger members stated that the private provision was not lucrative. In February 2017, the State Parliament decided to allow a valuable state pension to be paid back by night and foggy action. After much public criticism, Parliament adopted the decision shortly thereafter. As a result, a committee was set up to develop the proposal independently. The Commission, as well as the Civic Forum, advocated for the majority of MPs paying into the pension fund. This proposal will now be implemented.

In the future, a sum of EUR 1,215 will be automatically deducted from the pension contribution of EUR 1805 to the pension fund. Members can volunteer more – up to a maximum of around 3,115 euros. Contributions paid are currently paid at around 2.5 percent. The FDP opposed joining the retirement program. Its leader, Hans-Ulrich Rülke, said in the summer that MPs could be expected to secure their age – just as citizens do. The AfD also refuses to join the pension system.