The start of Luxembourg's first fashion week 2

The start of Luxembourg's first fashion week

"Who's refreshing the powder?" Two hands go up. "Who makes the lips? And who paints the dots? «In the middle of the room is a dining table. Not even an inch is visible under the lipsticks, powder blushes and eye shadow palettes. There are eight make-up artists around her. The models have already made them. Now they have a break. "The part that gets really hardcore is yet to come," the makeup artist laughs. Each of the seven designers ordered a different make-up this evening. During the show, models must be recreated – seven times. Colors can be applied to the skin just before the onset. "Otherwise they will melt before they even start," she explains. When the girls get off the runway, it's about every second. That's why five hands fly over one face.

The models still sit in the ancient rooms of the Chateau de Septfontaines, in Rollingergrund in the north of the capital. Barefoot, the curls still in their hair, they self-stimulate to bridge the waiting time. The designer clothes are still hanging on columns, with name tags, so nothing goes wrong. There are pumps on the floor. Now is the time to inform.

Between Fabiol Pug he turns his rounds. This is her work. Fashion has always loved her, "but there was simply nothing in Luxembourg." So she started at the bank. She never gave up on her dream. In 2016, she founded Luxembourg's first fashion school, the Academy of Fashion and Design. Her models took her to Paris and Cannes Fashion Week. Their real goal: the world of fashion should come to Luxembourg. Great designers should showcase their collections here, and Luxembourg designers get a chance to show off their work. This is just the beginning: Luxembourg's first fashion week.

(Franziska Jäger / Marlene Brey / essentiel)

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