A point of confidence 2

A point of confidence

Tobias Stuwe (left, svg Brakel II) runs the ball in front of Dringenberg's Lukas Schöttler. Jonas Böhner (right) shoots for a teammate.

Tobias Stuwe (left, svg Brakel II) runs the ball in front of Dringenberg's Lukas Schöttler. Jonas Böhner (right) shoots for a teammate.
Photo by Michael Risse

"It was an expected match. Both teams did not want to score. They both wanted to have defensive stability. It was certainly not a game in the high-class district league," Schmitz said, emphasizing after the game: "First of all, we count that we are a little The opponent certainly had several options, but so did we. The result is fine. "

Just a week ago, Schmitz played his team with a five-defense and four-hit chain. But the field reference led to a 3-0 defeat to a 3: 5 defeat. After 30 goals in eight games, Schmitz pitched three center-backs against Dringenberg, who, along with two men, allowed a little midfield in six positions. On the wings alone he could not prevent all SVD attacks. "We left some space between the lines. That naturally hinders the offensive game," Schmitz admitted.

Jonas Wiechers-Wiemers had a shot (in the 12th minute). Pushing Jonas Böhner into the box was stopped by outspoken Dringenberger goalkeeper Tim Heisener (14).

A powerless shot by Lukas Schöttler (17) ensued from the guests. It could be that Dringenberg director Daniel Neumann should have been treated early. Brakel had better offensive scenes. However, after the addition of Kai Fähnrich, the goal was scored by Jonas Wiechers-Wiemers (25th). 60 seconds later, Jonas Böhner did almost everything right. After his shot, the ball went diagonally towards the empty goal, but it went very close.

Almost in turn, there was excitement in Brakeler’s penalty area. Goalkeeper Daniel van Gorp turned down Patrick Stiewe's shot. The defensive foot slowed Lukas Schoettler's extra margin. The scene ended with a shot of Daniel Neumann in front of the goal.

Fresh substitute Hendrik Jacobi opened the second half with a good cross in front of Brakel's goal. Dringenberg had minimal field strengths, but neither team could perform convincing attacks. Brakel's most dangerous scene was a free kick by Lukas Anke (79 & # 39;).

"Both teams are right in the standings," viewers said. "They both had their chances in the first half. That's a fair draw. There's nothing more to say," Sven Schmidt summed up.

As Barntrup lost to Bad Lippspringe, Dringenberg and Brakel II narrowed the gap in the relegation zone.

Spvg Brakel II: van Gorp – Akosgan, Anke, Müller (83rd Thiel), Stuwe (46th Birinci), K. Ensign, Wiechers-Wiemers, Böhner, Schuster, Disselhoff, Boeckmann

SV Dringenberg: Heisener – Frederkind (46th H. Jacobi), Rex, Schipp, van der Kamp (73rd Walzog), Stiewe, Rempe, Steinig, Neumann (83rd Hasse), Hartramph, Schöttler (88th Kriger)

referee: Jan Vetter (Bad Lippspringe)