Cathy Hummels: Honest, she provokes her fans 2

Cathy Hummels: Honest, she provokes her fans

Cathy Hummels has been battling fan criticism
Image: Tobias Hase alliance / dpa

After Shitstorm posted about bottomless photos of his son Ludwig Cathy Hummels picture yourself in a bikini – and no makeup. In addition to the many praise comments, however, there are critical voices, especially from men. Cathy responds immediately.

Again, fans have a hard time recognizing Cathy

Who believed that the image of a pretty Cathy in a bikini to any man's heart would be beating fast, he probably wasn't right. At least with this photo. It is ironic that creation masters criticize a well-trained influencer for their unnoticed appearance.

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Male followers don't like it

As the follower states, "Krass, how women without makeup can look different, like day and night." And he's not the only one who doesn't like Mats Hummel's wife at all with his styling au Naturel. "What kind of makeup helps then," laughs the user. Another young man wonders, “Mats would recognize her like that?” Http:// “What about makeup… Holla!” Another fan is shocked.

That doesn't let Cathy sit on it

Although the positive comments are à la "you look always charming" and "mega beautiful. Colorless or make-up – whatever! Always a dream" clearly outweighs the image of a bikini and creates a slight negative attitude, Cathy refuses to let that criticism sit on her. "Less than an hour later, he is posting another image with his face covered in a splash of water. Caption:" I'm not fair enough to all of them (sic) without makeup. Maybe the water is better. "

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Fans give encouragement and comfort

It's the clock! With her second post, she seems to have her eyes open. Hundreds of users testify to the young entrepreneur: "You are always beautiful" and "You are beautiful even without makeup". Some, however, wonder about the peculiar logic of Cathy's haters: "Also, who goes unarmed to the beach? Because you have to clap." And: "What a shit! People spin (…)"
The post launches a beauty discussion on Instagram
A young woman defends her idol with a passionate message: "You see how many people just forgot what ordinary people look like, and the abundance of over-colored people, filters and Photoshop destroys the image we have of women. (…)" Amen – we can only say that! And I hope Cathy continues to be unbridled anyway.

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