Female orgasm: So comes a woman (almost) on bail 2

Female orgasm: So comes a woman (almost) on bail

1. Trying out what really does you good

In the case of a man, it is relatively simple: very simple up and down stimulation is usually sufficient. The female body, on the other hand, is not only more complicated when it comes to the distribution of erogenous zones (even if it is restricted to the sexual organs), but it is aggravated by the fact that virtually every woman has different preferences.

Simply put, many women do not confidently reach for a complacent orgasm simply because they do not know exactly what is good for them.

· Clitoris

· Lips lips

· The vagina itself

· G-point

· Urethral opening

· Chest

· anus

These are the seven points whose stimulation himself enough to cause many women to orgasm. But: In as many women, it only works to combine at least two or more stimulating points.

This means: First of all, a woman should try to make sure she is pushing the right "buttons" with herself – for example, just because most can come from rubbing her clit, this is far from true for every woman.

· It may be the first combination of clitoral massage and finger or toy in the anus or vagina reliable beyond the threshold of orgasm.

· The G-spot may be preferred and heavily massaged, while at the same time the clitoris is gently rubbed.

· Perhaps your own pleasure center also hurts a little, and only comes with the vaginal penetration of firm but controlled nipple pinching.

The solution here may be to just try again and again and never be new to something new – or not to do something because it is considered "dirty" or "punishable". When masturbating an orgasm, morality should not play a role.

2. Really use toys designed for women

Sex toys are not until yesterday. However, a new trend is that during their development, they are thinking "around the corner", and not just in the direction of "having to act as a life-sized penis and love to joke."

Of course, a classic vibrator inserting into the vagina or holding it to the clitoris has been leading women to orgasm better than many men for decades – but if this does not apply to one or even one, one feels the desire for more. toy) way.

This brings us to more recent developments like the "womanizer". This sex toy, available at the erotic store Venize, perhaps best exemplifies what happens when toy designers delve deeper into a woman's orgasm and do something that suits them best.

Because even in the "Classic" version as higher "evolutionary levels" this device can do something no other device can: similar to the lips of a partner's small lip, Womanizer gently sucks the clitoris and feels the resulting "pressure waves" completely different from classic vibrators. The maker himself says that 98% of all users would come within five minutes.

However, Womanizer is just one example of many. Recent years have brought a huge flood of different and re-imagined sextoys to the market. Everyone just agrees that they are not 1: 1 peniscopes made of silicone. And some women may need a cold, heavy feeling of glass massage tokens at point G. Again, don't think one-sidedly, but give it a try.

3. Time and no orgasm

Especially when a woman has been trying to reach an orgasm for a long time, often the opposite is true: a man puts himself under the pressure of orgasm that the body and above all the brain are able to do everything but not drop enough to stumble towards a "small death".

Many women need more than ten minutes for one (or several) satisfying orgasms. Therefore, you should plan at least half an hour for masturbation sessions. And above all, the path should be the goal. To indulge, to enjoy the moment of pleasure, not just to work towards orgasm.

For many women, this trick works perfectly. The brain enjoys pampering, fingering, a vibrating toy. And only that ease brings you beyond the threshold.

4. A little internal pressure

Body tension is something that many women overlook in masturbation. No, not for good looks. Because pelvic floor muscle tension, posture, deep breathing, maybe even temporary air suspension, all this can amplify many times the stimuli given to its intimate area.

Yes, for some women, it is more comfortable to have a (semi) full bladder during masturbation, as this increases the pressure from the inside out too much and thus "counteracts" and automatically tightens the muscles in the area.

5. Squat and ride

Most people find themselves comfortable in the same position: lying on their backs, their heads are slightly supported. But here, too, something that has already been mentioned in the previous chapter applies: body pressure and stimuli that can either strengthen or weaken as a result.

Whoever has trouble getting there just needs to try to change position.

· Sitting widespread knees on lower legs.

· They lie on your stomach.

· Riding on an item (about a firm pillow).

· Lying sideways with legs closed.

Again, every female body is different. Even shifting your masturbation position can have an amazing effect (or simply bring some variety into the game).

6. Audiovisual stimulation

Understandably, many women do not like to watch porn. Because even if they portray sex between the two sexes, by the vast majority of films it is obvious that they were shot for men – and too often for men – and created a very misogynistic picture. Certainly nothing that would distract many women.

However, Frau should not completely reject the topic. Especially since there are now enough filmmakers and studios to deal with this subject differently. Pornography for women is the key word. Movies that focus on female erotica – and maybe just a podcast with little more than erotic sounds.

Encouraging yourself in advance or during masturbation can also help – so much so that female and male sexuality are no different but both, excited by watching or listening to sexual acts.