Health: New Rehabilitation: Psychotherapy for Heart Patients 2

Health: New Rehabilitation: Psychotherapy for Heart Patients


The Felbring Rehabilitation Center in Muthmannsdorf (Wiener Neustadt District) is now focusing on a new form of treatment: psycho-cardiac rehabilitation for people suffering from emotional distress after heart disease. A pilot project has now been launched.

A heart attack or other heart disease also brings many uncertainties for the sick: what else can they do? What do you need to change? "Cardiovascular disease is often associated with symptoms such as anxiety and anxiety, panic or social withdrawal," said Martin Skoumal, chief medical officer of the Pension Insurance Institute (PVA), "demographic projections increase the proportion of psychiatric side effects in cardiovascular disease outside."

Felbring Rehabilitation Center

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Felbring Rehabilitation Center

Therefore, a pilot project was launched at the Felbring Rehabilitation Center to test inpatient psycho-cardiac rehabilitation. The goal is to re-engage patients as quickly as possible after a heart attack, according to a project presentation last week.

Rehabilitation in two parts

The pilot project may involve workers or job seekers with cardiovascular disease and mental stress. Rehabilitation lasts for a total of six weeks and will be completed in two parts. First four weeks at a time, and then another two weeks that can last between four weeks and five months after your first stay. "The two-part division helps test what we have learned in our daily lives and then refresh and consolidate it," says Johann Mikl, medical director of the Felbring Rehabilitation Center.