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HoHo Vienna: DORMERO Hotel AG leases the HoHo Hotel, including serviced apartments and a restaurant

The entire ground floor business premises have also been rewarded and are currently under construction

Vienna (OTS) – The wait has come to an end: in the summer of 2020, the international hotel chain Dormero opens a hotel in HoHo Vienna and manages 119 rooms, 24 serviced apartments for short-term tenants, a seminar room on the 15th floor and a restaurant with a direct view. . Five high quality ground floor premises HoHo Vienna & HoHo Next have already been released.

"I'm sure Dormer and I have found the perfect partner for many for a quirky hotel idea. The youthful atmosphere of this upcoming troupe complements the motto of our home concept -" It's time to go and no one wants to go home "- very good. HoHo Vienna is simply different." , says owner and client Günter Kerbler. At the multifunctional Seestadt Wien location, Seeparkquartier creates a vibrant entertainment and business hub – with HoHo Vienna and its diverse use as a hub. Dormero CEO Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl adds: "We are proud to entrust this unique project to our young and innovative hotel group. Already in our first interview with Günter Karberler, we are convinced of our vision of a cosmopolitan and relaxed hotel concept in Vienna. I look forward to opening and the exciting next few years. ”The transaction was monitored by Adeqat Investment Services.

Neuroth opens its 140th in HoHo Vienna in November.

"Listen better, live better" – Neuroth has been teaching this philosophy for over 110 years. Since the beginning of November this motto has been valid in Seestadt Aspern. The leading Austrian acousticist is moving to HoHo Vienna. "We are proud to have our 140th specialist institute open in this special place – the largest wooden tower in the world. And we look forward to bringing some of the quality of life back to the coastal city of Vienna in the coastal city of Vienna, ”says Neuroth CEO Lukas Schinko. Adaptations of state-of-the-art hearing aids and hearing protection solutions Experienced hearing professionals have an open ear for all hearing issues Because better hearing means more joie de vivre More information:
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Kardex Remstar, Logistics Solutions Specialist
on the ground floor + 9th floor about 600m2

Kardex Remstar, with its 20 employees, moves to the ninth floor of HoHo Vienna and also introduces itself as a manufacturer of innovative ground floor storage and delivery systems at the Janis-Joplin-Promenade 24-26 entrance. For over a hundred years, Kardex Remstar has been one of the world's leading providers of automated lifts and circulation racks, allowing high density storage on a smaller footprint. Each Kardex Remstar product is characterized by high productivity, performance, precision and safety with space efficiency and process efficiency. Developed on a "commodity-to-human" basis, processing of incoming orders is much faster and more accurate. Kardex Remstar operates abroad with more than 1,650 employees, and the Austrian subsidiary Kardex Austria GmbH offers direct consulting, technical and software services to its clients.

GATE 9 – Holistic Health Club and Ströck Bakery opens in January

The Holistic Health Club will be enriched with its rich offer on an area of ​​about 1,500 m2. It offers cardio equipment, strength and functionality training and endurance, no-load space as well as yoga, group fitness and back training, as well as sauna & wellness. Learn more at ( The Ströck Bakery opposite the Underground opens in January 2020. The owner and client of Kerbler Holding and Cetus Baudevelopment are moving to the 7th floor of the HoHo Tower. Other leased areas are under construction.

Free space rental at HoHo Health and HoHo Beauty

The 3rd and 4th floors of HoHo Vienna are designed for HoHo Health and HoHo Beauty. These two levels with about 1800m2 of space provide space for beautiful and healthy things in life. HoHo Beauty works with the stillness and infinity of the water element. As everything flows, beauty, cosmetics, massage and relaxation should be combined in HoHo (DAS) WASSER. For alternative medicine, therapy, or prevention, potential occupants of HoHo (DIE) ERDE Health Home will find suitable rooms for beneficial healing and strength recovery. An unencumbered environment helps promote the health of patients and customers. Just relax and take a deep breath! We look forward to your ideas.

Further details on HoHo Vienna can be found on the HoHo Vienna website ( ( and on the Facebook page (www.facebook .com / hohowien) (

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