If you want to be 100, you need to maintain your body and mind 2

If you want to be 100, you need to maintain your body and mind

How to become healthy 100 years? This was a topic of intense discussion at the Naturopathy Symposium, also in a panel discussion. Movement? A significant life task? No overweight? A little luxury food? Scientists have brought one or the other here and there.

But they went far beyond that. It was a wealth of philosophical and social considerations that spilled over to professional audiences. It was agreed that healthy and happy aging is individual and that technology should be merely a means, not a domination, propagated as in "Transhumanism", where a technical extension of life is possible through the brain-computer interface.

Not all people can become the same age

Professor Roland Benedict recalled: "Be careful not to lose people in technology." He advocated a "natural biorhythm". Students should not go to school until nine o'clock if it suits their rhythm.

In order to counteract mechanization, it is important to keep yourself informed. You should not be guided by "guilty images" in the form of TV commercials such as "You can have anything you want." He also introduced the "only aging" aspect into the game. The richer you are, the older you are. "It's massive in the US. It's been decades. Fortunately, it's just years for us."

Try to live as naturally as possible

Professor Hartmut Schröder called for "knowing and following the tone of one's life." It is necessary to live as naturally and "culturally" as possible. It is important to make sense of life and be saved in a social group. He imagined the shock: "Aging makes it easier to let go. We don't have to do that much, we just let things go. It's about managing something, not about doing something or mastering it."

François Höpflinger addressed the issue of resilience, the ability to overcome difficulties. "Those who are old provide very high resistance." The enlightened, spoiled generation "misses this, they probably wouldn't be that old. The old ones are open to new developments. Professor Angelika Messner thought there should be no" competition "for aging. Ninety or eighty are already old. Aging isn't the only thing that is desirable.

Humans have the power of self-healing

General medicine specialist Marlen Schröder said: "We rely more on medicine, which considers people more of a set of individual parts." People need to be aware that they have the power to heal themselves. It is important to put people in a "safety box" rather than escape and fighting.

Long life recipe: "You always have to do something"

Two short portrait films about centenarians are shown on the pedestal. One of them, Magdalena Hoerl of Küsnacht on Lake Zurich, sat in the audience. On October 16, it will be one hundred years old. She then answered the questions.

Your recipe for success? "You always have to do something. Body and mind, both, otherwise it won't work." The unmarried Tyrolean, who came to Switzerland at the age of 34, lives alone in the apartment. He still cooks and does the housework and buys himself. He looks curious. , vif, idiosyncratic, quickly understands Hoerl is fine, only has trouble with her feet Her favorite food is pizza.It has been in the knit group for twenty years, knitting blankets for charity. Crossword is another hobby of her. she was frugal but glad to spend money on travel. Four times in China, three times in Australia, once in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Russia, Mauritius, etc. She has a lot of humor and entertains the audience. she thinks a lot about “happiness” because “it usually doesn’t take long.” But she is pleased.

Take only minimal medication. She did cycling and gymnastics. "Healthy aging begins as a child, when you build your immune system. As a kid, I had a lot of colds because I had to be in wet socks at school." (Oms)