Natural cosmetics: green power in the pot upper Austria 2

Natural cosmetics: green power in the pot upper Austria

For thousands of years, the aspiration of women has been to be beautiful. While the Stone Age people only saw the clear waters of streams and springs, now entire hordes of people are pouring into beauty temples around the world. It is said that the Egyptians, in addition to their highly developed culture, also had comprehensive body and beauty care. The women's tombs contained mirrors, fats, fragrances and oils of cinnabar-enriched roses, while nourishing milk, honey, bran and healing soil for the skin and kept as light as possible. Today, cosmetics have taken their place in our daily lives – the cream is a powdered, nourished, bearded skin, face contour, concealment, waxing, clean and much more. Often, naturalness stays on track – not just in the face, but especially in the ingredients! There are many products on the market that are natural cosmetics. But especially with those products that we rub on our skin every day, there should definitely be a second or even third look at the back of jars and tossing tubes. Because some ingredients are not as natural as the product packaging promises.

Nnatural cosmetics – what is it? DThe cosmetics industry has undergone a number of changes to date and continues to grow in response to increasing demand. But what is also growing is sensitivity to high quality and natural ingredients – luckily for us and our skin! As focus is increasingly being redefined, in terms of "in is what's in it." But how exactly can natural cosmetics be defined? This is generally difficult to say since there is no common definition, but the fact that natural cosmetics are cosmetic products whose ingredients are of natural origin is not wrong. Many authentic growers go a step further and say that natural cosmetics include products that take care of animal welfare and environmental issues and whose ingredients are based on the production and production of animal origin. Meaning: in "proper" natural cosmetics are oils, fats, waxes and fragrances, and dyes only from vegetable, mineral and partly animal raw materials, but taboo, however, are paraffins, silicones and synthetic fragrances and colors.

In natural mission. KIdentifying complex and forever long chains of words in tiny letters – (natural) cosmetics is not so easy. To be able to discover the perfect match for care at any time, there are certified seal stamps that provide information on the quality of ingredients and the production and processing of cosmetics. The most important are NaTrue, BDIH, Vegan Flower (Vegan Society) and Leaping Bunny. Fortunately, more and more companies are moving towards sustainability, including packaging and packaging of their products. "Life without plastic" is one of my favorite words: Solid shampoos, blocks of soap and self-preserving creams attract modern plastic opponents like warm organic cakes attract hungry packaging.

Better organic. NNatural cosmetics are not the same as organic cosmetics because the latter involves more than nature. At least 95 percent of the ingredients must be of agricultural origin and come from organic production. In Austria, certified organic cosmetics bear the logo of organic inspection bodies such as Austria Bio Garantier GmbH or SLK GesmbH. Whether it's deodorant, lip care, shampoo, cream or cleaning products: making cosmetics yourself is fun, and the self-sacrificing community has many people. Ingredients are often selected according to the same criteria as our diet, because: No matter what the food or care, they both find their body. Whoever clings to it will always resort to nursing alone. Cheap, productive and manufactured with a lot of love, it makes the skin shine – and our conscience comes with it!

Martin Saahs, founder and CEO dieNikolai:

"In addition to the quality and origin of the ingredients, packaging is also an important criterion for complete, sustainable cosmetics. That's why we use 100 percent recycled Nicolai glass bottles, recycled paper or shower gels to leave the smallest trace possible. We are especially proud of our success. to develop the world's first Demeter shower gels. In addition to high-quality ingredients, mostly from our own vineyards, we refrain from palm oil, silicone or mineral oils. "

Andrea Seebacher, Managing Director ACHTSAM® cosmetics:

"Organic cosmetics have it! Once they were laughed at, organic products have no effect on conventional cosmetics, whether they are anti-aging, inflated, etc. At ACHTSAM® Cosmetics we value fair, organic and, above all, regional raw materials , because everything we need to grow – biologically controlled – at our doorstep anyway! "

Hermine Voit, Managing Director NKV COLOSÉ:

"Autumn is the time for masks – that's why COLOSÉ now offers fleece masks with different effects. Whether it's Detox, Hyaluron, Anti-Aging or Sensitive, we guarantee good compatibility, ingredient purity and high efficiency."

Manuela Weber, Managing Director The skin and soul of Linz:

"Fortunately, many growers recognize the value of the local flora and discover that our plants are truly versatile. The effect of natural cosmetics has been validated for many years; It meets most of our customers' requirements. a cabin, completely free of chemicals, invasive procedures or injections. The revolution in natural cosmetics! "