Opening Ceremony: Regina Massage moves to a new location 2

Opening Ceremony: Regina Massage moves to a new location

Massage Regina's Regina Klaffenböck encourages customers with her years of experience, which she will now use in Grieskirchen.

Grieskirchen. At a new location at Lobmeyrstraße 1 in Grieskirchen, Regina Klaffenböck – better known as Massage Regina – welcomed her customers. WKO Office Manager and Günther Baschinger Business Association President and WKO CEO Hans Moser – who had a good drop in luggage – visited Regina Klaffenböck in their new office space.
Massage Regina was previously in Peuerbach at Anton-Bruckner-Straße 4 and can now be found in Grieskirchen at her new location in Lobmeyrstraße 1. From now on, she will be provided with deep relaxation and well-being. The owner has 20 years of experience and her employees also know exactly what they are doing.

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