Sad fishing is a terrible trend on social networks 2

Sad fishing is a terrible trend on social networks

Because of likes, some things are tried out on social media. Some deliberately publish their bad mood to get their attention.

This phenomenon is not entirely new, but lately, celebrities have been increasingly accused – as recently with Justin Bieber. In a detailed post, he told his 119 million institute followers how difficult it was to get up in the morning from bed when life was full.

Reactions were mixed. Although believers were touched by the openness and honesty of their idol, it also welcomed much criticism. After all, there are many who can only dream of Justin's standard of living.

Such announcement is particularly criticized if the message clearly has a commercial purpose behind it. So Kendall Jenner wrote on Instagram a black and white picture of her suffering terribly as a teenager under acne. The amazing thing about this: The Post sponsored an acne skin care program.

The fact that more and more people use sad fishing means that people with real mental health problems who seek online support are taken less seriously. They are now more often victims of cyber-bullies when they talk about their feelings on social media. This is the result of a Digital Awareness UK (DAUK) survey of 50,000 children aged 11-16.

Many respondents criticized them sharply after posting their problems. Many were accused of fabricating stories to get their attention. Shocking is the high number of students who have been bullied by comments on social media, in the news or even in person, the report said. This could further worsen the mental health of the affected.

Even worse is just nurturing

In this context, the so-called Uncertainty and hurt self-esteem can help mentally unstable children and adolescents by strangers online. They abuse the trust to later sexually exploit the user.

But the report also comes to a positive conclusion: In addition to these negative results, it has been revealed that young people are increasingly responsible for their own use of technology. Anyway!

(L Essentiel)

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