Use of semolina flour - 2019 2

Use of semolina flour – 2019

Semolina flour is a kind of flour made from durum wheat. This flour is commonly used for pasta making, but it has other less well known applications. Semolina flour often produces a thicker, crisper product than other types of flour when added to baked goods such as bread and pizza crust. It has a rough consistency, almost like cornmeal, and will therefore easily change the consistency of the foods it uses.

Use of semolina flour - 2019 3

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Use semolina flour to make and bring pasta dough. Semolina flour can be used in any pasta recipe, either in water or in egg. The result is an elastic dough that can be cut into shapes and dried. (For pasta recipes or pasta research, see Resources.)

Replacement of semolina meal for part or all of general purpose flour or wholemeal flour in bread recipe. This substitution leads to a dough that is tender and has a crunchy crust.

Grow pizza crust with semolina flour to make it crisp. For hard crust, use semolina flour instead of general or whole wheat flour.

Make warm cereal with semolina flour. Pour some flour into a saucepan and then dilute with milk until it has the desired consistency. Add a handful of dried fruits and a little honey. Heat the corn on low heat, stirring constantly, until lightly browned.

Drink soups, soups and flour with semolina flour. Semolina flour doesn't stack up as easily as all-purpose flour, and because it contains a high percentage of wheat gluten, it's not that far off. Simply add the flour to the simmer, stirring constantly, until thickened.


  • Semolina flour can be neat when stored outdoors. For best results, bake semolina flour if you do not use it.


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