Weight Loss: 3 Reasons You Don't Lose Weight Despite Your Diet! 2

Weight Loss: 3 Reasons You Don't Lose Weight Despite Your Diet!

Diet requires Discipline and iron willHowever, we often make our lives difficult because we make gross mistakes in our diet. Which three measures you stand in the way of losing weight, you are now learning:

  1. Insufficient calories: To lose weight, we need to reduce our calorie balance and burn more energy than we consume. Many make the mistake of setting the calorie deficit too low and eating almost nothing. First, it quickly turns into craving and you give up your diet too soon. In addition, your body quickly adapts to the transition and your weight stagnates.
  2. Too much fruit: Yes, fruits are healthy and should enrich a balanced diet. But the fruit also contains sugar, so-called fructose. Although fructose does not seriously alter your insulin levels, you can get rid of too many carbs like any other food if you eat too much.
  3. Not strongly why: To really reach your goals, you need a strong one "Why?"which makes you implement the most annoying things every day. only "as a few pounds lighter" It will not motivate you to keep going even on days when you are in a bad mood. So ask yourself: Why do I want to lose weight at all and how important is it to me at all?

+++ For Weight Loss: 3 Turbo Weight Loss Products For Summer +++

Lots of fruit is great for losing annoying pounds. Whether radical fruit diet or as a weight loss supplement. Three types of fruits, to promote weight loss you will find out in our diet:

  • watermelon: Watermelon in particular beats all kinds of fruit in summer. It's super refreshing and just contains 38 calories 100 grams each. Your amino acid citrulline prevents new fat from being stored and stored more fat burned is.
  • grapefruit: Grape convinces with a very high water content as low calorie fruit (42 kcal / 100 g). Dietary fiber pectin contained in grapefruit supports digestion and stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Potassium also ensures that excess water is expelled from the body. Perfect for weight loss.
  • raspberries: Soft fruits are generally great for weight loss. Low in calories, saturate but excellent. In addition, they stimulate our metabolism. Raspberry tastes great with natural yogurt or skinny quark with honey.

+++ Weight Loss: Get Skinny Probiotic Kefir +++

Do you work through your diet and look for foods that are delicious and satisfying? Perfectly! In addition to lean quark and Co, kefir is also great for losing a few pounds. But what exactly does it say about kefir?

  • Hi: Particularly in the diet, it is important that you are sufficiently supplied with vitamins and minerals to avoid the symptoms of deficiency. Kefir contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.
  • tasty: He who wants to lose weight needs to keep his strength. We are helped by the foods we really like. Everyone who loves dairy will appreciate kefir: Creamy, thorny, slightly acidic!
  • calorie: Kefir contains only 60 calories per 100 grams. Generally, foods that are less than 100 calories are the ideal companion to your diet.