A recipe for the success of influencers on Instagram: light skin, big eyes, narrow hips 2

A recipe for the success of influencers on Instagram: light skin, big eyes, narrow hips

How do you become the perfect influencer? This question is likely to be asked by many young women who like to travel often on Instagram or Youtube. After all, a job description seems pretty tempting: make money from your hobby and, on a regular basis, dust off products, travel and other benefits for free.

Cassey Ho also thought about this issue. The American, who describes herself as a "fitness trainer, entrepreneur and internet personality," is already reaching many users through Youtube, Instagram and her blog – she has 4.7 million subscribers on Youtube alone. But Cassey Ho wanted more, so she systematically researched what she needed to become a successful influencer.

Instagram: That connects the top 100 influencers

For that, she analyzed the top 100 influences with the most followers in terms of different characteristics. These include, for example, hair color and length, face and body shape, eye color, dress size, skin color, age or height. These 22 characteristics should not only give typical influences, but also answer the fundamental, deeper question: What does the new ideal of beauty look like?

"It was interesting to me that, according to Instagram, blondes and blue-eyed were no longer the preferred beauty ideal," Ho said of her findings. There is a very clear formula for success. After detailed assessments, she realized that the average successful influencer, for example, is 22 years old, is about 1.70 meters tall, has big eyes, a heart-shaped heart, and an hourglass-shaped body – with a big ass.

Plus size is still an absolute exception

Their analysis of the hundreds of women on Instagram with the most followers also revealed that the topic of body positivity in the network is not overwhelming. "Only the five women with the most followers had Plus Size, and not one among the top 10." Slim physicality is obviously still necessary to become popular on Instagram.

Of course, Cassey Ho also wanted to use these results for himself – the question of how you would look like a typical Top 100 instagrammer is obvious. So she just grabbed Photoshop and customized her look with an image editor. She changed her face, her lips were fuller, her eyes were bigger, her breasts were rounder and her skin was brighter. The result, refined with carefully selected outfits and matching make-up, shows a clear difference in their actual appearance.

Cassey Ho draws a critical conclusion from her analysis: "Instagram is a place of free will where we can decide who to follow, no one tells us who is beautiful and who is not. Yet, we still hold to the old standards of beauty – beautiful skin, big eyes and narrow hips. "

source: blogilates on Youtube