Angelina Kirsch: Your tips for the cold autumn days 2

Angelina Kirsch: Your tips for the cold autumn days

The sun rises early on the horizon and the wind blows heavily around your ears: Still, curvy model Angelina Kirsch (31, "Rock your mind!") Can win something good in the cold season. The 31-year-old has now revealed in an interview with the spot on news agency what it is and how even on cloudy days his internal radiation can be brought to light.

Miss Kirsch, the days are shortening again and the temperatures are dropping. Are you looking forward to the cold season or are you more of a summer guy?

Angelina Kirsch: I love seasons. Summer is nice, but I also love autumn. When the leaves on the trees come to life and turn red and the outside gets colder. I have a thing for coats that will finally be used again in the fall and winter. Winter makes everything sparkle on the ice and when the first snow falls, everything looks so new and clean. I'm also a total fan of Christmas. So, there are many things to look forward to now.

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What tips do you have for a brave time?

Kirsch: If it is uncomfortable outside, then I will keep my mood well. I make it a nice intricate decoration at home. I smell delicious scents with candles and in the end it is worth spending the evening in the tub to keep warm. Plus, all the delicious flavors come to the table: delicious teas or cinnamon and ginger flavors, delicious! And of course, the skin wants to be spoiled. I do this with large moisture masks. Meanwhile, bold colors are attracted to the makeup cabinet.

Darkness and cold can really affect the mind. Then it depends on the inner rays. How can this be teased best?

Kirsch: The secret of the day is to do what is good for you. Everyone has their own way. For example, I wore my favorite outfit even though I wore it for the last four days. Then I try to do things the way I like. Only my music is allowed on the set, an extra piece of chocolate is allowed and a relaxing evening is planned in front of the TV or in the tub. So the light comes back on its own.