Anti-aging: This face serum reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin 2

Anti-aging: This face serum reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin

Anti-aging products are expected to help relieve wrinkles, tighten the skin and prevent age-related skin problems.

And that Tal, "Absolue Serum / Booster" keep what he promises. The strong ingredients of the serum match perfectly and therefore look so targeted and good.

Why does serum work so effectively?

The purity and strength of the Swiss mountains can be felt in the serum of Tal. An essential part of the product is Swiss mountain spring water, rich in minerals. To this is added an edelweiss extract which is used as an effective radical scavenger for cell elasticity.

Thanks to the Cacao superfruit, the serum has unique, innovative cell protection using special UVA / UVB sun protection and HEV (high energy / blue light (tablets, cell phones, computer monitors).

The second ingredient is grape seed oil, which effectively helps against free radicals. Skin becomes amazing with serum Moisturizes for 72 hours and protects it from oxidative stress. The high-tech peptides of Matrixyl Synthe 6 also demonstrably reduce wrinkle depth.

If all that is not enough to convince you, then just give it a try! You can buy absolute Tal serum 20 percent cheaper by October 21st!

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The serum is suitable for all skin types and even has an integrated blue light filter. Protects skin from harmful rays, such as from a computer screen. In addition, the ecotin it contains supports skin cells. Particularly useful is the included UVA and UVB protection – you no longer need to use extra sunblock.

application: Clean your skin thoroughly first. Because: If makeup, dust and co. like veins on the skin, the serum cannot penetrate properly and act. For maximum results, massage the serum briefly in circular motions. This further stimulates skin metabolism. Best used in the morning and evening.