Camp Jungle Camp 2020: Potential candidates 2

Camp Jungle Camp 2020: Potential candidates

The jungle camp belongs to the beginning of the New Year and has now become a ritual. Each year, new C-celebrities are placed in the Australian jungle and put on a "rice and bean diet" for two weeks. We have already seen which candidates are likely to watch next season. Click through our gallery and be amazed, which "star" dares well in the camp.

Jungle Camp 2020: Information on potential candidates

Here's more information on the stars!

The candidate for the jungle camps Laura Müller

Is pop singer Michael Wendler's girlfriend this time in the jungle camp? Some of you may know the 19 year old from "Summerhouse of Stars". There she and her boyfriend Michael Wendler became the target of other roommates. Both she and Wendler have noticed many negatives. Her boyfriend was already in the jungle – is he his "babe"?

Is Paul Janke present?

Paul Janke seems to lack the RTL form. The former group has already participated in various television programs. It will be on "Bachelor in Paradise" from October 15. Not as a candidate, but as a bartender and mentor of the singles. According to Bild-Zeitung, he should probably be one of the potential candidates for the 2020 jungle camp.

Sharon Trovato – moves to jungle camp?

Sharon Trovato is the daughter of the famous Detective Parents who have their own RTL noon program: "The Scared". The program is likely to be a household name, even if it has never seen it. Will Sharon really move into the camp?

Daniela Büchner is there!

Daniela Büchner, the wife of the late Ballermann star Jens Büchner, is very likely to be next season. In fact, it had been scheduled for the last year, but due to the sudden death of Jens Büchner, Daniela understood that the show was canceled.

No matter what the "stars" will be next season, the fact is that the entertainment factor will definitely be great when he says again "I'm a star – get me out of here!"