Climate and health in the state parliament 2

Climate and health in the state parliament

Bolzano – Climate protection must become the ultimate goal and concern of every politician, as millions of young people demonstrate on Fridays worldwide. Even in the small area of ​​operation of the Province of South Tyrol, it is possible to contribute to climate protection. The Greens are convinced of this in South Tyrol. "Climate measures must always be acceptable to humans and thus have positive health effects."

Two topics combining climate protection and health will be addressed in plenary during the current parliamentary week. "They are based on specific areas of action where action can be taken and which we perceive as the central milestones for climate and health protection," Greens said.

Action terrain catering

Meals, which are canteens, canteens, spouts, etc. These places play an important role as they cook for a large number of people, which means that large quantities of food are also used. The type of food, its origin, preparation and composition distinguish between carbon footprint and ecological footprint. Experts emphasize the importance of the spread of permanently produced food in public catering. Consumers want to know what they eat in the cafeteria. In practice, you usually experience almost nothing. This should change with the "transparency in public catering" application.

Based on the labeling requirements in the EU, public feed operators should be encouraged to indicate in the menu plan where meat is used and what ingredients come from organic agriculture and fair trade.

An advantage for consumers who know what they are eating, but at the same time strengthening the domestic economy, as locally grown produce will be identified and thus new understanding may emerge.

And last but not least, changing demand would also require a more diverse supply – with benefits for domestic agriculture.

Action school yard and playground

For several years now, pesticides have been mobilizing in South Tyrol where children play. For good reason. In 2012, in the immediate vicinity of the Tartsch Primary School, the remains of 9 different plant protection products were found, in appropriate concentrations. Some of these substances are especially harmful when combined with others, especially baby organic matter that is still growing and is therefore more affected by their low body weight than adults.

As a Green Group, we responded in 2013 by submitting a draft decision providing for periodic monitoring of school yards for pesticides. He was then rejected.

There are now new findings in a study published in May 2019 in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe. It assessed the extent to which the application of pesticides to public land adjacent to agricultural production areas was affected. 71 public playgrounds in Vinschgau and the lowlands were selected for the purpose of the study, and grass samples were tested for 315 pesticides.

Highlights: Vinschgau playgrounds were most often contaminated with pesticides, while in the lowlands they had the highest pesticide concentrations. I: The proven pesticide concentrations were higher as we got closer to the playground.

Based on these studies and EU legislation, there are urgent needs in South Tyrol. Many school buildings and playgrounds are in close proximity to fruit growing areas with intensive pesticide spraying methods. Many parents' fears and concerns must be taken into account.

Therefore, the "Health in which children play" application provides for periodic monitoring of pesticide contamination in school yards and playgrounds in South Tyrol, especially when these sites are close to areas of intensive agricultural use.

Fewer pesticides in fruit and viticulture and more organic farming would be targets for climate protection, as organic farming produces more humane soils and stores CO2.

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