Cosmetology tools and accessories 2

Cosmetology tools and accessories

Also called hairdressers and beauticians, beauticians use tools and equipment to change the look of their clients. Through their professional training and quality tools, they use their creativity to wash, straighten, cut and style their hair, as well as apply cosmetic and business treatments. Proper tools and equipment can significantly affect a cosmetic's ability to satisfy customers in general.

Cosmetology tools and accessories 3

Beauticians use a variety of tools and equipment.

Brushes and combs

The beautician should have combs and brushes of different sizes, which should include soft and hard bristles and combs with different tooth thicknesses. A beautician should also have combs that work best for wet hair. There are also special combs for certain looks, such as hair scrubs that create volume-based hairstyles. The strength and hardness of the hair contribute to the various styling options in brushing and combing.

Scissors and scissors

These are an integral part of the set for a beautician and an beautician must have at least two different pairs of scissors or scissors. A pair should be a normal pair for cutting. the second should be a smaller pair for pony. Lawns are also essential to handle the stricter pieces and care of pearls and mustaches. Some scissors have teeth. These are great for cutting hair as they form a layered cut instead of a dull one.


An aesthetic will have a variety of hand treatments, from shampoos and conditioners to hair sprays and streaks and dyes gels. Every product has a different purpose, but cosmetologists can use creative licensing to use these treatments in different ways, creating different hairstyles.

Heat tools

The hairdryer is an essential tool for cosmetologists, as many hairstyles are achieved with drying by blow, though others require a wet set. For wet hair, use a professional dryer with soft rollers and pins or staples. Barbed wire is also used by cosmetologists as a curling lotion and cosmetologists can use different curling irons in various sizes from 1/4-inch to 2-inch.

Pen and clip

Haircuts and clips are easy to use when cutting, styling and editing hairstyles. An beautician will use pins and clips to split the hair for dyeing, or use pins to hold curves in place. The clips and pens are available in different sizes, shapes and types used in a beauty salon for a variety of purposes.