Football National League: Goalless Mintarder - debacle for Speldorf 2

Football National League: Goalless Mintarder – debacle for Speldorf

The goalless draw was completed on Sunday afternoon, the league football ground between DJK Blue and White Mintard and SC Black and White 06 Dusseldorf. In the pouring rain, both teams had to contend with the wet lawn, so as not to hit the deciding goal.

The bottom line of the results was fair, as it really was superior to any team. Dusseldorf were each the start of two halves, while Mintard gained some control in the first half after 20 minutes and was closer to the last minute of the goal in the last quarter of an hour. It wasn't very convincing.

So the blue and white had to settle for a bit. They are kept at a distance from Düsseldorf and thus withdraw the relegation zone and lead with a lead in the derby against VfB Speldorf at 7.30pm on Friday (October 11th).

Speldorfer will not only start with great confidence in a local duel. On Saturday, they admitted their third defeat in a row, which also turned out to be quite lush. 2: 6 ended the match at favorite FSV Duisburg.

After a disastrous first half, VfB returned 0: 4. The second round could then make Mülheimer more balanced. Michael Siminenko scored two goals at 1: 4 and 2: 5. Keeper Martin Hauffe, captain of the VfB on Saturday, prevented even more defeat.

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