Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 2

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing

Not every woman is blessed by Mother Nature with full lips like Angelina Jolie or Emily Ratajkowski. If you still want more volume without helping a beautician, you should take the following tips to heart, which simply evoke a sensual kiss – no injection!

1. peeling

Dry, brittle lips are not only uncomfortable, but also make your lips automatically look less full. To prevent this, you should use a scrub regularly. It removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and makes lips smooth. Whoever is very sensitive, let him continue natural ingredients eighth. Then you can additionally apply intensive care overnight.

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 3

first By Terry "Le Gommage Levres Lip Scrub", shop here for about 28 euros
else Burt's bees
"Intensive Night Care", purchase for about 9 euros
the third Tropical fruit
"Coconut and Lime Mashed Pile", shop here for about 12 euros
4th Vitabay
"Bamboo Lip Scrub", purchase for about 13 euros
5th Hello Body
"Coco Kiss Lip Scrub", shop here for about 20 euros
6th Pixi
"Nourishing Lip Polish", shop here for about 18 euros

2. collage masks

For superior immediate effect, perfect lip masks. The ingredients love it Collagen and hyaluronic acid act upholstered. Best before lip exfoliation for even better effect.

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 4

first Rodial "Dragon Blood Lip Mask", here a package of 8 for about 40 euros of purchase
else Trust me
"Cherry Collagen Hydrogel Lip Mask", here a pack of 10 for about 12 euros of purchase
the third Oh K!
"Cherry Lip Mask", shop here for about 5 euros

3. Lip oil

The perfect alternative to a sticky glow is lip oil. Leaves a radiant glow, feeds through Ingredients like jojoba, macadamia or avocado oil and provides lasting moisture to the lips.

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 5

first Artdeco "Repair & Care Lip Lip", shop here for about 10 euros
else Milani
"Lip Treatment with Moisture Lock Oil", shop here for about 16 euros
the third L & # 39; oréal Paris
"Lip Spa Lip Oil" in color "01 Jelly Peach", shop here for about 14 euros

4. Lip enhancers

The so-called lip gloss is a kind of glow that, however, with Ingredients like mint or chilli enriched and promotes blood circulation. This makes the mouth area feel fuller in a second. However, if you do not like the slight tingling on your lips, you should look for a glow or oil.

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 6

first catrice "Volumizing Lip Booster", purchase for about 9 euros
else Dior
"Addict's Lip Maximizer", shop here for around € 30
the third Too confronted
"Extreme Lip Gloss", shop here for about 25 euros

5. gloss

Transparent or pink shine is perfect for getting fuller lips. Some glosses are even with Collagen or hyaluronic acid compensate and maintain additional.

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 7

first Luvia "Senaya glitter", shop here for about 15 euros
else Bourjouis "Effet 3D Glitter", purchase for about 9 euros
the third The maximum factor
"Elixir Color Lipstick" in "Radiant Rose" color, shop here for about 7 euros

6. Hyaluronic Lipstick

Instead of injecting hyaluronic fillers, you can also use lips substrate with hyaluronic lipstick on the outside. from Artdeco There's a Hydra Care lipstick that should give you a voluminous kiss for a few hours. Combination a pillow peptide, Indian plant extract i hydrating hyaluronic acid it is made possible by the manufacturer. Thanks to him eight different shades it should be the right lipstick for every taste. Hyaluronic lipstick can be achieved not only by its enhancing effect but also by its caring properties. Moisturizes and prevents brittle lips.

Full lips: 8 tips for sensual kissing 8
first Artdeco "Hydra Care Lipstick 06 Precious Oasis", buy here for around 14 Euros
else Artdeco "Hydra Care Lipstick 46 Relaxing Oasis", shop here for around € 14

7. contouring of the lips

Have you ever Contouring for lips tried? The principle is the same as on the face: with the help of shadows and highlights, certain games are moved to the foreground or background so that the mouth area looks optically larger. Initially, surround your lips with a lipliner and lightly color them. The shade should be as close to your natural lip color as possible natural tones of roses, Use a contouring stick to create a shadow under the lip and highlight the lip with a highlighter. Then "color" your entire mouth with a lipstick. Lastly, you can also use gloss – which cheats your lips even bigger!

In the video you will find a step-by-step guide:

8. lip enhancer

The beauty tool that made Kylie Jenner popular is quite controversial. The suction effect creates a vacuum that stimulates circulation and makes the lips appear larger for a short time. But use is also associated with risks such as bruising and hematomas. Anyone who dares can do it anyway electric lip enhancer here for about € 33 purchase.

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