Lose weight with coconut oil: that's how it really works 2

Lose weight with coconut oil: that's how it really works

Remove with coconut oil: does it really work?

  • At first, it sounds ridiculous: losing pounds of fat. Although about 90 percent of coconut oil is fatty acids, there are several studies that indicate the beneficial effects of oil on the body.
  • This is mainly because of Fatty acid texture, Coconut oil consists of half medium chain fatty acids (MCT). Unlike long-chain fatty acids, MCT fat is water soluble and can be equally good it is digested quickly they become like carbohydrates.
  • This means The body uses fats for energy and do not save it directly. Of course, this only works until you overdo it with the crowd. Unlike carbohydrates, metabolism continues less insulin for free, which also helps the body burn fat. Insulin blocks the use of fat as energy.

Remove with coconut oil: benefits

  • Fast acting energy for the body
  • Replaces other saturated fatty acids
  • MCT fatty acids are not used as storage fat and therefore help in losing weight
  • Coconut oil is specifically for an anabolic diet or keto diet a healthy source of energy-providing fat.
  • Coconut oil is also healthy: it lowers cholesterol and can also be used as a home remedy for Alzheimer's disease.

Remove with Coconut Oil: 4 Practical Tips

  1. Before meals: The best way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet is to take it before a big meal. Coconut oil is refilled and thus can fight cravings. In addition, it is not stored at the beginning of the meal, but energy is used directly.
  2. For cooking: You can use coconut oil instead of butter or olive oil use for cooking. Even in smoothies or sweets, the oil works well. Coconut oil is also very stable and reserves at high temperatures (Smoke point only at 177 degrees) its effect.
  3. On bread: The oil has a firm but very soft consistency at room temperature. That's why you can do it easily as a spread to use on bread and bread.
  4. One tablespoon: For a balanced diet, it is always important to pay attention to the right amounts. In order to be well stocked, you would need daily 8-15 grams Take coconut oil (around tablespoons).

Remove with Coconut Oil: What Coconut Oil to Buy?

Be careful not to buy refined or heavily processed oil. The packaging should have a name Virgin Oil or extra virgin Coconut oil can be found. Alternatively, it could be the eye cold pressed oil rank. If you do not find any of these terms, it is probably coconut oil that is neither healthy nor helping you lose weight.

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