MyAllergyPortal Digital Health Heroes Awards 2019 2

MyAllergyPortal Digital Health Heroes Awards 2019

Allergy sufferers and food intolerants for better information on causes, diagnostic options and therapy offerings are the primary goal of, whose growth is "dynamically continuing" according to its own data. Approximately 2.3 million unique users were generated in 2019, which, following an increase of approximately 500,000 unique users in 2018, corresponds to a further increase in reach of approximately 650,000 users in 2019.

The winners of the MeinAllergiePortal Digital Health Heroes Awards 2019 are:

Bencard Allergy GmbH on his website, where he first explains the causes and symptoms of allergies and then receives treatment options for various allergies. In addition to self-allergy self-testing, those interested can find out if symptoms indicate the presence of an allergy.

Diagnosis of Thermo Fisher was successful with two entries. The offer is intended to familiarize pediatricians with the knowledge of allergies and asthma, with particular emphasis on the diagnosis of serological allergy. The central element is the information center. Important contributions to current allergy topics are presented here. For the offer, Thermo Fisher Diagnostics provides basic information on WAO Molecular Allergy Diagnostics Guidelines in German. In addition to this guide, five more topics will be covered: Allergy Symptoms, Molecular Allergology, Tests and Testing Systems, Cash Collection and News and Education.

Helmholtz Zentrum Munich – Allergy Information Service: The Allergy Information Service offers on its website current, scientifically validated information in all areas of allergy research and allergology in an intelligible form. For each clinical picture presented, the basics, symptoms, distribution, diagnosis, and treatment are discussed.

Self-Help Association Mastocytosis e.V. The aim is to educate patients and their relatives about mastocytosis and to strengthen their self-efficacy. At the same time, the disease should be publicized and sensitized to the public. The focus of the activity is cooperation with doctors and associations, including the annual symposium. After being diagnosed with or suspected of being diagnosed with mastocytosis or mast cell activation syndrome, affected individuals can share ideas with other stakeholders in the forum and clarify many issues around this topic.

Hanover School of Medicine (Medical Psychology) and Competence Network Educating Patients in Childhood and Adolescence e.V. (KomPaS) with the support of Lower Saxony AOK: At, you will find an online trainer who wants to promote the health literacy of chronically ill adolescents considering growing up with their illness. The goal is for these young people to confidently and confidently anticipate the upcoming changes in the transition from adolescent to young adult.

Daniela Halm: Totally allergic – so what? Among the two first-time offline offerings, the book "Totally Allergic – Good and" by Daniele Halm is recognized as an extremely important work because of its great "potential for encouragement". The affected people make it clear that they are not alone with their complaints, encourage them to deal with the disease offensively, and give them important tips to apply. You can read more at

Safe Allergy – Sarah Raker: Another excellent publication, the seminar book "Lebenslust und Kochfreude mit Allergien", is at the same time a food and cookbook. It deals with the major allergens to be declared and gluten and lactose intolerance. The jury praised it as a great guide for people suffering from food allergies and intolerance to minimize their discomfort with proper knowledge and, on that basis, meaningful nutrition. You can tell about this book at

Gluten Free World by Anna Greta Pietsch: The blog is a source of information and inspiration for celiac disease. On the platform, people affected by celiac disease can learn how to travel. Greta Pietsch, an author who also has celiac disease, also reports on her own travel experiences regarding special destinations, hotels, cafes and restaurants in different countries. Pietsch did not bring with him experiences from the countries he traveled to, but also recipes that encouraged people to follow his example.

Germany's leading online animal health provider, founded in 2016, Vetevo GmbH, assists dog, cat and horse owners with a competent comprehensive service to improve the health and quality of life of their animals. To this end, Vetevo offers a modern, comprehensive range of laboratory diagnostics (for example, at, digital health records and personalized animal health services.

He also received the award foodforplanet GmbH & Co. KG KG for their offering which represents sustainable dog food.

MeinAllergiePortal once again received renowned experts and representatives of patients' institutions and organizations for the jury:

  • Prof. Ludger Klimek, Center for Rhinology and Allergology Wiesbaden and President of the Medical Association of German Allergists (AeDA) e.V.
  • Prof. Christian Vogelberg, Clinic and Clinic of Pediatrics and University Allergology Center at Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden as well as 1st President of the Society for Pediatric Allergology and Environmental Medicine (GPA).
  • Prof. honey. Vera Mahler, Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI)
  • Dr. Petra Zieglmayer Allergieambulatorium Wien West
  • Dr. Stephanie Baas, German Celiac Society (DZG)
  • Sylvia Becker, ECARF Institute GmbH

Applications for the Digital Health Heroes Awards 2020 can be submitted by April 6, 2020 at More information on the 2019 winners and awards can be found at