OMG! If we lose weight with this diet, it can shorten our lives! 2

OMG! If we lose weight with this diet, it can shorten our lives!

Diets are there to make us slimmer and give us a better sense of body. Of course, they are often in a bad mood because they throw out our favorite foods and say goodbye to pizza, pasta or chocolate. But to be able to cost us a few years of our precious lives is a completely different house number! However, the US study clearly proved this dread scenario. We want to show you the results of the researcher and tell you about the diet.

Study: Low carb diets can shorten your life

In a long-term study of over 15,000 people, US researchers found that a low-carb diet can shorten their lives by up to four years. Four years! Over a 25-year period, they observed people in four U.S. communities between the ages of 45 and 64 who were required to complete a diet questionnaire and document their complete eating habits.

These results led the researchers to a low-carb diet

Researchers were able to determine at the mortality rate of participants that life expectancy declined when subjects died permanently low in carbohydrates, reducing carbohydrates by about 30 percent daily.

The mortality rate was particularly high when participants ate protein from animal products, so much meat, eggs, and Co., instead of carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates have been replaced by a plant-based diet with legumes, nuts, or complex carbohydrates from vegetables, the researchers found, saying that the subjects were healthy and had a longer life span.

The average lifespan of subjects who consumed only about 30 percent of carbohydrates per day was 79.1 years, according to this study and 83.1 years for subjects receiving 50 to 55 percent. On the other hand, if participants consumed more than 60 percent of carbohydrates per day, their lifespan decreased to an average of 82 years.

This is the most important finding of dietary testing:

A balanced diet is most effective if you want a long life. The right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits is crucial. The concept of "healthy plate" is just right for that. Because this plate shows you how much should be around the amount of food in each category. It is a modern development of the 1982 food pyramid that is considered obsolete today.