Online NATURHEILKUNDEMESSE informs the public free of charge - food monitoring 2

Online NATURHEILKUNDEMESSE informs the public free of charge – food monitoring

Internet: In November, an online series of naturopathy days begins on current topics of fasting. In cooperation with prof. Andreas Michalsen and free access for fair audiences.

Natural Treatment Fair with an audience free of charge
NATURHEILKUNDEMESSE informs the public free of charge

Alternative treatment methods and so-called "experience medicine" are once again enjoying increasing popularity. For example, naturopathic procedures may be a useful supplement or, in individual cases, an effective alternative. But how can professional laymen and patients distinguish between serious and less serious offers?

The days of digital naturopathy here seek to build a bridge between established and well-studied complementary medicine and conventional medical therapy. Access to this only on the Internet and therefore a completely virtual event, the location is independent and possible at any time of the day.

The goal is to provide high quality internet offerings to the general public in terms of experience, information value and sustainability in the fields of natural medicine and integrative medicine.

Prelude is a 4-part series of events on the topic of "FAST". The purely digital FASTEN im Focus event series provides free expert knowledge. Experts enrich the event with a comprehensive lecture program, on the one hand, through field reports and through scientific studies. In addition, direct communication and networking are promoted in the virtual exhibit hall. Distinguished physician and naturopath prof. Dr. Honey. honey. Andreas Michalsen supports a number of events with lectures. He is the Chief Physician of the Department of Internal Medicine and Naturopathy at Immanuel Berlin Hospital and Professor of Clinical Natural Medicine at Charité.

About 8,000 visitors at numerous information booths are informed by numerous speakers and companies, clubs and therapists and are also invited to exchange with each other. Fasting events will begin on November 13, 2019 and end in February 2020.

Topics at a glance:
November – Fasting and Prevention: Boost Health and Vitality at Post, Yoga, Fasting and Prevention

December – Fasting and cure: Treatment of chronic inflammation and chronic pain, from CED to rheumatism with fasting, fasting in practice and fasting clinics

January – interval fasting and weight loss: food chronobiology, comparison of methods, reduction of excess weight

February – Intensive Care and Detox Diet: Basenfasten, FX Mayr Treats Like Fast Soup, Juice and Fruit

The "Virtual Naturopathy Days" are purely digital conferences with a large exhibit space. Live events are event-driven because they are designed interactively. Each participant has the opportunity to actively contribute to and use all the features of the event such as chat features, videos and downloadable information material. Following the live event, contributions to the media library will continue to be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. So any participant can view the lectures at any time and still have the opportunity to visit the stands and get information there.

Naturopathy Days

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