Pamela Reif Starts "Getting Active From Pamela Reif" 2

Pamela Reif Starts "Getting Active From Pamela Reif"

Pamela Reif is just 23 years old and now has a lot to show. In addition to her 4.3 followers on Instagram, she is one of the most successful fitness influencers. In the meantime, it covers various magazines internationally – most recently Forbes Magazine. Now Pamela Reif is launching her latest project "Get Active by Pamela Reif".

What exactly is "Turn on Pamela Reif"?

Pamela Reif uploads new videos from her YouTube channel urging her to join. Videos are easy to understand and make you feel sweaty. So far so good: Now comes the whole upgrade. Pamela Reif has now considered something new. She adds a video-out video twice a month, the series is called "Get Active by Pamela Reif" and includes so-called "choreography exercises". The fitness influencer now shows the best exercises for the latest songs. And just as far as the song goes, so is training – very cool, right?

Her first "South of Border" video by Ed Sheeran takes almost four minutes and the various exercises are coordinated and timely executed. Pamela herself looks forward to her new work and says:

"I'm really looking forward to being a personal fitness trainer for my community, sports enthusiasts (and those who want to be) with 'Get Active by Pamela Reif'. Let's do something together for our health, our body and our prosperity! "

The roundup "get active by Pamela Reif" is a list with the same name that helps you get in the mood for workouts. Here you will also find all the songs used for the videos.

Here is the training video:

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