Save the Bees: Fruit workers in Dettingen fight the Save the Bees petition 2

Save the Bees: Fruit workers in Dettingen fight the Save the Bees petition

Information event of the fruit and gardening association Dettingen zum petition "Save the Bees" on Friday afternoon fueled a lot of spirits. The referendum is “a stab at a valuable and rich cultural landscape orchard"Said club president Roland Lieb. petition predicts that organic farming in Baden-Württemberg should increase to 50 percent by 2035 and that state-owned agricultural land should only be managed organically. By 2025, pesticide use should be halved and pesticides should no longer be sprayed in protected areas.

There must be plant protection

Until regulation of protected areas applies in principle to the entire Dettingen district, explained OGV board member Hans Martin Haas. Due to the ban on pesticides in protected areas they are afraid fruit growers now to their orchard culture: "The orchard must be maintained, and for maintenance it belongs to crop protection," said another committee chair, Roland Heinkel. "Because there will be a debate on glyphosate pesticides equated with poison, "Heinkel said. That was not justified, because the dose is important. Even in organic farming, it will be dispersed, only with organic pesticides. plant protection it was necessary to protect the trees from pests and preserve the crop. "Basically, you won't find anything in the store that has not been treated with pesticides," Heinkel said.

Fruit growing in orchards

"What is allowed depends on the country." Growers fear the fruit will grow regionally orchards could fail if it could no longer be sprayed with conventional pesticides. Fruit growers who cultivate regional orchards would give up, Heinkel predicts, because their trees would fall prey to pests. That would result in "massive clearing," according to Heinkel.

OGV Commission member Ernst Schmid understands the petition: "It's time, you have to do something." However, the requests go too far. "Orchards are not a natural phenomenon, but they are habitats Cultureit came from human management, "he explained. Only if management remains reasonably attractive can meadows be maintained, so Schmid. Paul Eberle, president County Beekeepers Association Metzingen, can understand the anger of the fruit grower and has asked for more mutual understanding.

Signature lists are off

It was important to him to spray properly and as directed and to be able to talk to each other. At least in Reutlingen County in recent years no poisoning of bees reported with pesticides From the end of September it will be for a petition of people signatures collected, as of mid-October, signature lists will also be available in many town halls. If enough signatures are collected by March 2020, the state parliament will vote on Fr. account decide – or accept or reject it and propose an alternative counter-proposal, which should then be decided by referendum (we reported).

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