So, metabolism of hunger prevents you from losing weight and you can do it against it 2

So, metabolism of hunger prevents you from losing weight and you can do it against it

Who thinks fasting and strict diets would do something good for your body, which is not right. Because so-called hunger metabolism can ensure that we are inhibited from losing weight. We discovered what it was all about and how best to deal with it, and now we will find out.

To achieve their dream character, women often rely on a strict diet or fasting patterns, such as alternating fasting or interval fasting, which promises quick customer success. The goal is Encourage metabolism as much as possible and bring it to full speed, but not always manage the desired effect, Who overdoes and rejects whole meals over a long period or enters the fasting stages, runs the risk of the so-called hunger of metabolism who uses The reaction of the body to the lack of food is. We explain what it is all about, how it can interrupt a customer's success and what you can do to avoid it …

What is the metabolism of hunger?

Despite your diet and healthy eating stagnant, do you not want to lose weight and lose weight? What doesn't seem logical at first can have many different causes. If you are, however Extended fasting, fasting, or a strict diet that is associated with low food is suspected to have triggered your metabolism of hungerThis means that yourself metabolism shifted to lack of food – Basal metabolic rate decreases and the body consumes less calories than usual. If this phase lasts for a long period of time, then the body is at it forced toresort to energy reserves, First, the carbohydrate storage is depleted, Subsequently, fat deposits and also muscles break down, Hunger metabolism now takes effect, reducing normal energy consumption to last longer. Also, calorie consumption decreases in the long run and the pulse slows down. With the fact that this situation is just not healthy for the body, it has As a result, we do not lose weight so easily.

This way you can bypass hunger metabolism

But that's not all, since hunger metabolism is suspected to be responsible for the subsequent yo-yo effect. Fortunately, we can handle this phase relatively easily focus on a balanced diet and avoid long diets and fasting times, For this, women should – depending on weight and size – calculate their daily basal metabolic rate and provide the body with the calories it needs, They need to lose one pound or the other, not fries, hamburgers and co. together. Instead, we can look at calories whole foods and complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and co., especially foods and meals with many proteins that boost metabolism, long-term retention and help build muscle.

It is also important to take regular meals and not miss them. This way the body supplies energy and does not put it on the back burner so that the metabolism can work at full speed. Further tricks and useful information on how to boost and speed up metabolism can be found in the journal The book "Speeding up and boosting metabolism: boosting health!" from Isabella Dresner, which is here for about 6 euros on offer.

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