Sturms El Maestro "confused" after defeat by Austria 2

Sturms El Maestro "confused" after defeat by Austria

Nestor El Maestro was "desperate". After a 0-1 win in confidence that did not beat Austria, coach Sturm served. In his first, two-and-a-half-minute analysis at a post-match press conference, the 36-year-old was at a loss. It will continue to be full of motivation, "if the club continues to work for me," El Maestro said. There were criticisms of his team’s appearance.

"I'm a little confused. We're in good shape. We're playing against a disordered team. Everything goes according to plan and nothing will happen," El Maestro said. The Serbs were particularly struck by the look in the second half of the game in which Austrian Oberwasser felt. Sturm developed no real chance for a goal after the Styrians missed three really good chances to score before the break. Christoph Monschein, 82, celebrated Austria with his eighth goal in a late-league campaign.

"I believe in guys, but often I'm a little desperate. I'm desperate for how little feelings we have, what's possible, what's going on and what needs to be done," El Maestro said. The contempt for his team was also self-critical. El Maestro talked about the false changes he made. He was basically responsible for the composition of the team. "I have received a lot of support from the club. The composition has changed a lot according to my ideas, but unfortunately what we put on the pitch is not enough. We have 16 points, it is very small," El Maestro said.

If he scored Austria (11 points) to the sixth, Sturm remains in fifth. At the end of the first round, a home game against the leaders of Salzburg (October 19) awaits after an international break. Even after talking to a trainer in a storm, it should not burn. Günter Kreissl took over the team in Vienna. "We saw that we met an insecure team, so it's important to take advantage of that," the athletic director said. Captain Lukas Spendlhofer also made a difficult move on the field. Sturm "missed everything in the second half so you can wake up your sick opponent," the center fielder said.

Austria was happy though. After winning against Altach, Favoritner earned the second victory in a row. It was not nice for the fans to see. In the end, though, Violet's hard core cheerleader is quiet, quiet in the first part of the game. Sixth place is at your fingertips, Austria will be welcomed in two weeks by a away match in St. Pölten. Already there, the jump could be realized at the play-offs of champions. Coach Christian Ilzer spoke of the small step: "But we must move on to the next opponent. That must be an absolute goal."

The man of the game again was Monschau for Austria. The attacker did not see much for a long time as he received barely useful balls. When it mattered, the 26-year-old returned to the scene. Fanatics chanted fans for an interview after the Wattens Cup was marketed by Florian Klein. "It's extremely important for our game that we have a striker who can score goals from several chances," Ilzer said. Other areas are equally important. So, Ilzer was also happy that a re-run with Alexander Grünwald in defense of the "Liber" allowed a shot.

Monschein was demonstratingly cheering for his hit with Klein. "I understand the fans' dissatisfaction, but without personal criticism," said the striker, who made it thanks to his series on the national team's call list. She feels no particular pressure. I try to win everything every week, sometimes you get rewarded, sometimes you don't. "

Source: APA