Take a break from daily life: living consciously means investing in well-being, health and relaxation 2

Take a break from daily life: living consciously means investing in well-being, health and relaxation

Faithful to the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi "If you dare, courage grows. If you hesitate, your fear" I have started a new form of healing for me: a bowl singing massage.

With loose clothing (no removal required) I lie on a super comfy deck chair in the Beate Hoppe spa. The room is darkened, candles flicker, and a starry sky is projected on the ceiling. I opted for a 30-minute treatment trial. The wellness therapist explained to me in advance the effect of the singing bowls and the course of the session.

Since I like to lie on my stomach, I chose this position. Of course you can enjoy a massage while lying on your back. Everyone as he loves. In the one-hour version, one lies first on the belly and then on the back.
Treatment begins with a few strokes on the great Feng-Gong. Then various singing bowls are struck and parked on the body and continue to strike. The bowls are of different sizes and emit different vibrations or sounds.

I can feel the vibrations of the singing bowls all over my body. They penetrate deeper layers of tissue and can affect organs. This should boost metabolism and loosen the tissue.

The different sounds of the singing bowls allow me to slowly slip at dusk. At first, curious as I am, I still consciously understand everything. Gradually I hear the sounds of bowls from more and more distance. In such a short time I have never experienced deep relaxation.

A few punches in Feng-Gong are slowly bringing me back here and now. 30 minutes already over? Too bad, but next time I'll allow myself a complete 60 minute relaxation. After a few minutes some massage lasts on the couch and then I surprisingly take a good break from practice.

But first I had a sound or a dream out of a singing bowl. This took about 30 minutes. Again the room was darkened, lit by candles, and again a starry sky projected on the ceiling. Again, I settled down comfortably on my back and listened to the playing of seven singing bowls and Feng-Gong. Due to the different size of the bowls they sang, the way they played and attacked the different ballets, a sound carpet was created, which quickly brought me back to the realm of dreams and therefore to relaxation.

The very pleasant voice of a wellness therapist accompanied me on this dream journey. Different Klangreisen are on offer. I registered for sound meditation through the seven chakras (chakras are the energy centers in the body). By the way: Sound meditation can be booked as a single session or as a group session with up to four people. Mr. Hoppe explained to me that he also likes to offer sound trips or dream trips or meditation with singing bowls for larger groups outside the home. Maybe this would be something for our weekly Women’s Evening?