There has been little promotion by British young composers 2

There has been little promotion by British young composers

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Experts see an over-focus on reciting music and inviting more creativity

Play the violin: Creativity lacks education (photo:, aks9215)

Play the violin: Creativity lacks education (photo:, aks9215)

London / Unterhaching (pte005 / 07.10.2019 / 06: 15) – Music education in the UK makes it difficult for children and adolescents to learn the art of composition due to its huge disadvantages. Due to the over-focus on good playing and singing music, the creative talents of young talents diminish significantly. This is the result of a study by the charity Sound and Music

"Promoting creativity is the key to creating a music education that truly deserves a name, but merely reproducing and mimicking assumptions leads to a decline in a child's or adolescent's potential." "We've produced a lot of instrumental conspiracies, but what's missing is confident individuals who have the courage to express themselves in new ways," says music expert Jörg Peter Urbach in a pressetext interview.

Lack of confidence

For the study, 551 music teachers, music club directors and musicians were interviewed by Sound and Music. In interviews, the researchers identified more than 600 obstacles in the education of young composers. The majority (97 percent) of respondents consider the promotion of compositional talent important.

According to 97 percent of respondents, the biggest obstacle to such talents is the lack of opportunities for promotion and, according to 47 percent, a decline in confidence in their own compositional skills between the ages of seven and 14 years. Study participants see the reason for young composers' lack of confidence in the fact that the British music education system has too strong a focus on reciting music and barely promotes the creative element of composing.

"Develop Your Own Voice"

Sound and music recommend that the music of children and teenagers be performed more frequently to increase self-confidence. You should also have access to digital tools to help you put it together. School teaching staff should also be able to bring more creativity to music lessons.

"Young people already have a considerable amount of creativity in which they need to awaken. Music education in this regard must first and foremost have an activating effect, act as an animator and show as many ways as possible without being restrictive so that children and young people can develop their own voice." concludes Urbach.

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