To swap to the basic shoe from Drawstring 2

To swap to the basic shoe from Drawstring

KEEN cord sandals and shoe shoes feature a push button called "lace" for shoe placement. Instead of pulling, tying and gluing cables, KEEN cord holders simply push the button at the top of the switch, slide the switch to the desired position, and then release the button to lock the cords. Replacement of the top lock is required when the button stops working or the plastic breaks break and the soles of the shoes can no longer be held in place.

To swap to the basic shoe from Drawstring 3

Certification: BrianAJackson / iStock / GettyImages How to Replace the Button on the Keen Shoe Drawstring


Remove the broken lock. Insert the tip of a small screwdriver with a flat blade into the seam between the end hinge and the end cap at the end of your cords until the lid comes out of the end hinge. Pull the upper ends off the lid, then slide the pieces (hinge and lid) off your laces. Press the lock button / lace and slide the switch / lock your laces.

Replace the lock / tip. Press the button at the top of the new switch to open the locking holes. Holding the button, slide the left end of the end through the corresponding left open hole and then repeat with the right one.

Replace the end joint. Slide the toggle switch on the top of your shoe, then release the lock button. Slide the ends of the ends through the holes in the end joint. Slide the hinge back into the cords, allowing the loss of about one centimeter of the cord ends.

Thoroughly insert the ends of your cords into the slots in the closure.

Push the sole and lid together. Pull the cords behind the edge of the joint to pull the lid towards the hinge, then gently press the lid on the hinge. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to push the parts together.


  • Contact KEEN for gloves and / or shoe laces. Apply by phone or through the KEEN web form (see Resources). To use the web, go to the site, select the "Has KEEN Replacement Buttons" link and click "Click Here". When the form opens, enter your contact information, shoe type, shoe color and shade color, then select the "Send" button.

  • If you need your shipment and / or shipment shipped, let KEEN know when you make your request. Because spare parts usually take weeks, you may have to pay freight or other fees for a quick application.

  • If you cannot remove the old lock / tip due to a broken button, insert the switch between the plastic barbell jaws with pliers around the cords until the plastic holes break, and then pull the button off the cords,


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