Windheim Health Day has sparked a lot of interest 2

Windheim Health Day has sparked a lot of interest

Instincts for a more conscious life

2019/07/10 15:18

Chief Doctor Matthias Bender performed a live knee joint surgery on an artificial bone. Photo by Benjamin Maier

Chief Medical Officer Matthias Bender, who prepared an informative and at the same time fun afternoon with his team, was able to talk with his colleague Dr. Ing. Gerald Wasmeier, Dr. Wolfgang Andere, Head of Clinic Stefan Schilling and County Administrator Helmut Weiß are pleased with the strong response when they look into a well-filled auditorium and keenly interested in the information booths of a small but fine fair. Her concept worked in conjunction with exhibition partners to inform many people about optimal clinical care and at the same time to sensitize them to prevent disease and recognize their symptoms in an emergency.

She is happy to be able to demonstrate with Health Day "what is being done excellently in our district clinics, specialist wards and that the health of the citizens in our region is very important to us," said District Manager Helmut Weiß in front of a large crowd of guests. He could welcome politicians from the federal government, state and county, as well as colleagues from the county council, who should also emphasize the "high priority of local health care" on their visit. The message Deputy Christian Schmidt could bring to his Bundestag counterpart and Minister responsible Jens Spahn.

Diet and exercise

Weiss praised the involvement of social institutions and organizations, say clinics, specialist companies and associations that provided an opportunity to learn about a wide range of services and products on Health Day. According to the district administrator, this is advisable, "especially when it comes to the highest good we have: health." A great deal of interest in this data has also confirmed its great popularity, with the exception of the medical department and the village farmer and Master of Domestic Economics, Renate Ixmeier, both in their healthy diet, stimulating the previous day to be "comfortable in the middle of life" and appropriate tasting. Likewise physiotherapist Peter Rimbach with animation of movement in daily life.

At the same time, TSV Ipsheim encouraged the exercises, which were always joined by guests, and remarked, "how much joy movements can be created at any age." Although the acrobatics with much grace of Ipsheim dance girls Mina Akbar and Anne Schöttler, as well as the temperament and aesthetics of dance couple Ina and Thomas Rehda of Uffenheim, could only be admired. Where's the moderator's suggestion Matthias Bender has his own limitations in imitation, said the chief doctor in his lecture on osteoarthritis with "Worth knowing about everyday life," and then performed knee joint surgery on artificial bone in a "show operation" at the spa and convention center.

Interest in Lecture by Chief Physician Gerald Wasmeier on risk factors for heart attack (344,000 cardiovascular deaths per year) and stroke (which are among the most common diseases worldwide), symptoms and prevention, as well as help with a modern cure at a rural hospital. Geriatric Chief Physician Wolfgang Andere spoke of the second half of his life with references to "the positive effects of sports in old age."

As doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists advised District Administrator White, "it is always a good idea to treat us and our body and mind and pay attention to the warning signs that often occur." In addition to the impetus for prevention, which met with great public interest, the district administrator's advice was also used as an opportunity to "informally inform about modern treatment methods and support options."

A wide range of health day topics with considerations of careful handling of the body, "the future is shifting again" and thinking about eating habits, were often referred to in the conversation as a visit to the fair, as well as "a very comfortable atmosphere" and openness of information, also a very personal concern. that the concept should grow to strengthen confidence in optimal patient care in the district.

Harald J. Munzinger

Windheim Health Day has sparked a lot of interest 3