A Combination of Bone Diet and Exercise Training - Expat News 2

A Combination of Bone Diet and Exercise Training – Expat News

A combination of diet and exercise hurts bone, according to a study by the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Both measures are healthy individually, but together they can cause harm later in life. Especially avoiding calories is harmful during training.

"Generally, workouts and diets do not work together because you have to exercise. All diets lead to loss of water and substance, which in combination with training can lead to damage. balanced with consumption, otherwise obesity is the result. First of all, it is important not to plan weight loss on your own, but to seek advice, "said sports doctor Alexander Mildner at the request of the press.

Lack of calories is harmful

For research purposes, the researchers conducted an experiment on laboratory mice. They were divided into four groups. Two groups received a high-calorie diet and had little or no exercise, the other two had a low-calorie diet and plenty of exercise or little exercise. Mice with a low calorie diet received vitamins and minerals instead. So their daily nutritional needs were met.

After six days of observation, scientists found that low-calorie diet mice lost some of their bone mass and increased bone marrow in fat. People's bones also change over the course of their lives. Bone marrow is important for maintaining homeostasis, that is, the balance of the skeleton.


The chart shows the global rating of population health by the value of the 2017 index *; Source: Statista

Especially affected women

According to the researchers, the lack of calories adversely affects the bone marrow. "Even a low-calorie, high-nutrition diet can therefore damage the health of your bones, especially when combined with exercise. Particularly women need to pay attention as their bones become unhealthy as they age," warns study leader Maya Styner. Calorie eating and exercise would have a huge impact on the risk of bone fracture.

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