A Mainhausen woman before the performance: "And that's me?" 2

A Mainhausen woman before the performance: "And that's me?"

Mainhausen's Melanie Müller participates in the Isenburg-Zentrum show before and after. The result came as a surprise.

Mainhausen / Neu-Isenburg – With the words "I'm leaving briefly" Melanie Mohr said goodbye to her family on Saturday afternoon and drove to the center of Isenburg in Neu-Isenburg. A young mother from Mainhausen signed up on Facebook for a "wild card" for the show before and after – and won.

"I know you need courage, but I'm still a little nervous," Melanie said as she asked Silvia Eisinger to sit on one of the six chairs on stage. A large section of the audience gathered at the mall site, where a team of hair styling, makeup and fashion professionals awaited.

"You know all my condition: Don't tell!", Sylvia Eisinger pointed out the most important – and perhaps most serious – rule. All five brave candidates and Willi, the only man, are so devotional to the squad. In an hour, a new look should be ready.

"Go ahead," the inventor of the show before and after gave a signal to a beautification expert. Quickly, a set of species was responsible for each of the subjects and for Willi – just as they should look. This included a proper hairstyle, proper make-up and an overall impression of underwear.

Hairdressers started working immediately, and at the same time, makeup experts turned their hands – clothes and accessories from participating stores were already sourced in the background. Patiently, Melanie Mohr sat in the barber chair and saw some hair fall. “How much are they doing there?” The girl from Mainhausen asked a little tense. She could only follow it from the corner of her eyes, because there were no mirrors for now.

After 40 minutes, turnaround time passed on stage, and Melanie was given black, opaque glasses. Under the guidance of two helpers, he entered the locker room. A few minutes later, Silvia Eisinger announced, "And here's Melanie!"

The audience was amazed – there was a whole different person on stage. "I don't know anything, but I'm becoming more curious," Melanie Mohr said as she stepped in front of the still imposed mirror. Only then did the curtain rise – and Melanie could barely recognize herself. "That's incredible – it's me?" She looked at herself in amazement at the person in the mirror and had to blur first.

"Yes, it's me and I'm thrilled," said the girl from Mainhausen. In addition to her new look, she also received a $ 500 purchase coupon. Overjoyed, she made the "new" Melanie Mohr on her way home. “Will they let me in at all?” Joked the brave young sportswoman. Well, they certainly did it at home too.