According to the study: Retinol can prevent skin cancer 2

According to the study: Retinol can prevent skin cancer

Vitamin A, better known as retinol, has already been offered for amazing benefits. Retinol, which is pure vitamin A, has many benefits for the skin. Thin lines were smoothed, pores were minimized and acne was fought. According to a new study in the journal "JAMA Dermatology" Vitamin A can also benefit the skin as part of a healthy diet. According to the study, for a long period more than 48,000 men and 75,000 women over 26 years Increased intake of vitamin A may reduce the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), the second most common form of skin cancer.

17 percent lower risk for skin cancer

The participants were at five groups ranging from the lowest to the highest intake of vitamin A. They found that the probability those in the fifth position to develop SCC were 17 percent lower than those in the lower fifth.

These foods contain vitamin A.

The study did not check vitamin A supplements, but ran them over one pure food intake from. Means for us: Dark carrots and other fruits and vegetables it is perfect. Other foods that contain high levels of Vitamin A from plant or animal sources include Fish, dairy, leafy vegetables such as corn, sweet potatoes and fruits such as mango and grapefruit.

With Retinol creams against skin cancer

In addition to consuming Vitamin A through food intake, external use of Vitamin A can also help prevent skin cancer. Because retinol helps in faster regeneration of skin cells. As already described above, acne can also be combated, fine wrinkles soften and the overall appearance of the skin appears younger and radiant. Here we have written for you about our experience with Retinol.

In short, we like it. We use Retinol cream from Bioniva for about € 23 as a night care and apply in the morning a day cream with SPF, since retinol makes the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. With regular use, you can actually see an improvement in the appearance of the skin. Retinol can now prevent skin cancer, we just find it wonderful and it shows how high this factor is for our skin.

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